Running Man

Producer Ryan Cunningham Can Securely Share and Review Sensitive Information Through MediaSilo.
Ryan Cunningham is a producer for some of the most popular shows on American television. She has produced and co-produced shows including Louie (FX), Broad City (Comedy Central), Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central), and Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter (Adult Swim), to name just a few.
Cunningham works with her husband Troy Thompson at Running Man, a New York City-based post-production boutique, but she’s also constantly moving productions and switching gears between smaller production companies like Louis CK’s Pig Newton Inc. to media giants like Viacom.

The Challenge

No matter what show she’s working on at the time, Ryan has to be vigilant of how the content she works on is being managed, by whom, and how people are reviewing and sharing it. “In my industry, in my job, I really have to safeguard everything,” she says. It was difficult for her to find a platform that offered an easy way to share content with everyone from trusted collaborators to external freelancers, while still maintaining high levels of security.
The biggest thing for me is to have an organized place where everything can be located and shared easily, but that’s also secure.

The Solution

Ryan was initially introduced to MediaSilo in 2010, where it was being used as Comedy Central’s in-house asset management system for posting dailies and sending high-res selects to promos. She soon came to appreciate the level of flexibility and control it gave her when sharing video with a diverse, distributed team. Cunningham has brought MediaSilo to numerous production companies, including Pig Newton and PFFR, and has used it with Jax Media as well.
I really feel like MediaSilo is one of the best options out there, and that’s why I recommend it for all my projects.
Cunningham insists on bringing MediaSilo with her to every production she works on and has introduced production companies such as Jax Media and PFRR to the video sharing platform.

“My biggest criteria was to have an organized place where everything can be located and shared easily, but that's also secure,” Cunningham says, mindful of the extensive security protocols of the networks she works with. “MediaSilo is a secure server base. I feel comfortable putting things up on MediaSilo in a way that I wouldn't with WeTransfer or Hightail.”
Mediasilo makes it easy to share through their secure servers

Creating Bicoastal Collaboration

On her latest project, an FX pilot starring Pamela Adlon, MediaSilo enabled a bicoastal team to successfully collaborate. With star and co-writer Pamela Adlon in Los Angeles and director Louis CK and the production team in New York, MediaSilo enabled Adlon to review dailies and cuts and add comments and ratings for CK and the editing team, improving the efficiency of their workflow.
Cunningham appreciates the various options available when sharing video via QuickLinks. “I like being able to create users with specific levels of access so I know they have to log in. I feel it’s the most secure way, but I also love the option of sending something as public if we ever need it. I can really tailor the security based on who I’m sending it to.” She recently used the public with password option when directors were being interviewed for the new season of Broad City. MediaSilo allowed her to send out links to the first two seasons without creating new users or giving the candidates access to everything in the project. She remained in control of the security features without the delay of working with an outside vendor, and retained a better overview of what was being shared with the external recipients. “I like the amount of control MediaSilo allows me to have.”
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Providing a secure platform for creative teams to share and manage their assets is what MediaSilo is all about. We are very proud to empower creatives like Ryan Cunningham to create great work, and help streamline everyday workflow processes for content review and sharing.