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Employee Spotlight: Ben Bokaer

Want to know what makes our invaluable Support leader tick? Learn more about him in our employee spotlight series.

Media Industry News Good Reads

Breaking Baftas: What You Need to Know

Get the run down on the BAFTAS and their place in the Award show ecosystem.

MediaSilo and Wiredrive: The Ultimate Collaboration

MediaSilo and Wiredrive are joining forces to form the largest platform for creative video collaboration across advertising and media and entertainmen...

Company News career

From Hollywood to Tech Startup

MediaSilo welcomes post-production veteran, Steven Dudeck to the team. Read why he went from Hollywood to Startup.

Product Updates New Features

Why Our Search is So. Clutch.

A video management tool with bad search is like PBnJ without the J. Learn why MediaSilo search feature is a knock out and will quickly become your new...


Things to Consider When Shooting a Music Video

Music videos are a great opportunity to highlight the artist’s unique identity. Let’s see what goes into creating a strong music video.

The Future Of Media Workflow

Indie Movies are Turning to This Tool For Dailies

See the tool indie movie darlings like "The Big Sick" and "Manchester by the Seas" are turning too for their dailies' needs.

Post Production career

7 Reasons Working In Post-Production Can Be Depressing AF

Working in post production can really be a love hate relationship. How much do you relate to some of these key sources of post production job stress?

Opinion Technology News

What's the Verdict on 4k Television?

Two years ago, I predicted to see more 4K content on the scene in 2015. As the content explosion continues, what's the verdict on 4k now--nearly 2 yea...

5 Resolutions to Focus on if You Work in Post

New Years resolutions aren't just for the hopeful dieter. See some of our suggested resolutions for the savvy video editor


5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor

Want to know what it takes to be an assistant editor? Read our list of tips for success.

What The Press Thinks of Your Press Screener Site

Need a press screener site that doesn't suck? Learn the dos and don'ts of a press site rollout and tools to manage the demands of sending content to t...

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Finally...A Complete, Flexible, On-Demand Watermarking Solution

SafeStream partners with ContentArmor to offer proven forensic watermarking technology. A complimentary addition to its visible watermarking feature s...


What Sharing Tool Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

Are you making content and confused on which video sharing tool is right for you? Take the quiz to determine which tools actually makes sense for you.


Why Your Content Deserves a Secure Press Screener

See why brands like HULU, Amazon, BBC and more are putting real effort into the screening room experiences.