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Why Your Content Deserves a Secure Press Screener

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For pre-release content, a secure press screener could mean the difference between a leak (and potentially millions in lost revenue) and a successful review season that goes off without a hitch.  If you work in media, you've likely heard one story or another about a highly anticipated tv show or movie leaking due to a press screener. You may have even had a night sweat or two about such a leak happening on your watch. Despite the concern, creators continue to send sensitive content through insecure channels like password protected vimeo links or forensically watermarked DVD screeners. Neither of which deter unsolicited viewers from sharing the content to the millions searching for it online.

But there is an alternative--secure watermarked screening rooms. What exactly is a secure watermarked press screener? One, it’s digitally accessed, encrypted, and visibly watermarked using SafeStream with specific user information. Secondly, it utilizes credentials which are traceable.

Why do you need a press screener? A secure watermarked press screener eliminates nearly all the risk and headaches normally seen with existing screener workflows. In recent memory, the most secure method for sharing a screener was to send individually watermarked DVDs, a laborious and costly process. Now, with the advent of on-demand watermarking, it’s possible to create a screening room that contains all your content with a visible, individualized, watermark on the fly, presented in a custom-branded web site, and only accessible to the select few you give access to. Going digital not only increases the likelihood of viewership, but reduces the chance of unauthorized users watching your content.


sample press screener. not for actual use

Another great reason to go with a secure digital screening room solution is the ability to create a uniform environment for the press. Reporters are overburdened with things to watch, read and write about. By creating a user-friendly way to access your content, you're setting yourself up for success with journalists who are the lifeblood of content creators during the infancy of new productions.

If you’re interested in getting a demo of a press screener contact our team at sales@mediasilo.com or request a demo below.

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