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What Is Professional Video Sharing?

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images-1Sharing files is a task that most people do every day. Simple tools like Dropbox, Box and CloudApp make it simple to upload your files and send a URL link to your work colleagues, clients or friends. Video sharing is also a part of our every day lives, with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo that make it easy to upload amateur video and share it with the world.

More and more companies are using video content to boost their business. For media giants, production companies, post houses, and advertising agencies, video is at the core of their business. Many non-media-centric businesses are increasingly using video for marketing, client education, training, and capture of important events like all-employee meetings. As more companies use more video, the need for a reliable and secure way to share video and collaborate on video production is becoming more important. Most companies do not want their video to be shared via consumer sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, lest the content be viewed at low quality, or leaked before it is complete, or accessed by the wrong audience. Plus, these platforms do not have many of the workflow, collaboration and organization features that companies need. This is where Professional Video Sharing can help. 

So what is “Professional Video Sharing”?

Professional Video Sharing is the act of securely sharing high value video content with your work colleagues or clients. Companies use professional video sharing platforms to collaborate on production of video content, or to distribute finished video. A professional video sharing platform enables a smooth digital creative workflow.

So what makes a Professional Video Sharing platform professional? A previous article explains this in detail, but it comes down to 7 factors:

1. Automatic High Quality Proxy Creation
Proxy previews that lets your audience view the video in full quality without soaking up too much bandwidth.

2. Timeline Annotations
The ability to enter comments and feedback on the video timeline.

3. Mobile Review
Apps that let you find and review your video from your smart phone or tablet.

4. Access Control
The ability to decide who sees content, and what they can do with it.

5. Content Security
Security and encryption features that keep your content out of the wrong hands..

6. Analytics & Audit Trail
The ability to see who has viewed your video and track down content pirates.

7. Asset Management
Storage and organization of your assets so they can be found for later re-use.

MediaSilo is the leading video sharing platform for companies that produce high value video content. Hundreds of production companies, TV shows, films and advertising agencies use MediaSilo to share video and collaborate on production securely every day. MediaSilo is also being adopted by colleges, hospitals, training facilities and government agencies that deal with video.

Want to see professional video sharing in action? Get a demo of MediaSilo, or set up a free trial today. 

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