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What is On-Demand Watermarking?

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Most content producers and editors understand the "watermarking workflow". You may have stamped the name of your company on a video file in Final Cut or Premiere before sending it to a reviewer. You may have even had a professional service turn around hundreds of personalized watermarked files burned to DVDs. This might take a week or longer. Or maybe you have an intern in-house whose primary job involves re-encoding files with personalized watermarks on them.

These are resource-heavy, expensive activities without a seemingly better alternative. However, the concept of on-demand watermarking challenges these type of labor intensive workflows by allowing for a streamlined process to watermark and send files. Not to be confused with overlays, on-demand watermarking is completely secure and will change the way you share content.

So what is it exactly?

On-demand watermarking is a video watermarking method that utilizes SafeStream technology. The SafeStream process re-encodes an entire video file "on-demand" with customizable, burned-in text. From there, a watermark is produced that lives permanently on the video file and cannot be removed.

Why is it different?

On-demand watermarking is different from other forms of video security features for several reasons. Most importantly, it acts as a natural deterrent to illicit sharing or pre-released content and it can't be stripped like overlays. Additionally, the on-demand aspect means a file is only watermarked once a call is made that the recipient is requesting the video. This is a positive from a pricing perspective because unlike other watermarking solutions where you pay upfront, SafeStream is pay as you go.  This chart gives a great run down of what makes it different than other security solutions like DRM and Forensic watermarking.

Who needs it?

Although on-demand watermarking is primarily used by content producers sharing pre-released content with press and advertisers, it has multiple applications. Agencies sharing pre-cuts of exclusive and sensitive client content can ensure they are sharing content securely with SafeStream. Another application for on-demand watermarking is e-learning. Many instructors sell courses that end up free on torrent sites. Imparting watermarks personalized to customers and subscribers can help prevent abuse. The SafeStream website helps break down potential uses for the tool.

How to get it?

It's easy to get started with SafeStream, which is offered through MediaSilo's secure video sharing platform. Additionally, SafeStream can be used as a standalone service through an API that allows you to manage your watermarking settings. These can be ingested into other tools you use.

Want to get started?

Talk to our team who can set you up with a demo.

Want to learn more?

Download our e-book below for a in-depth look at the state of watermarking and the potential pros and cons of available methods.



Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".