on June 10, 2016 Educational webinar

Webinar: Piracy Off-Switch?

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Piracy Off-Switch Webinar:

Learning How to Protect Your Content at Every Step of a Production

Time: June 14th, 2016 at 3pm EDT

Piracy does not have to be a cost of doing business.

Tens to hundreds of supervisors, coordinators, freelancers, vendors, and third-parties will handle your assets before they are seen by the world. They will work in numerous time zones and at varying stages of completion, with a mix of tools you know well and tools you have never heard of.

Trust is important, but so is speed – and these two forces have classically collided.

There is a way to ensure accountability and deter criminal behavior at every stage in the process.

Learn how MediaSilo’s media management platform is enhanced by our new SafeStream on-demand watermarking technology to govern your prerelease workflow and help secure your content our upcoming webinar.