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What's the Verdict on 4k Television?

Two years ago, I predicted to see more 4K content on the scene in 2015. As the content explosion continues, what's the verdict on 4k now--nearly 2 yea...

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What is On-Demand Watermarking?

Get to know on-demand watermarking and SafeStream.

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MediaSilo in Popular Mechanics

Can Real-Time Video Watermarking Take a Bite Out of Piracy? Read the Popular Mechanics article that examines how MediaSilo could be changing the face ...

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DaVinci Resolve 12 is Becoming a Contender for NLEs

Find out how Davinci Resolve 12 is unifying the post production process and revolutionizing the industry.

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How The NBA is Embracing the Future of Virtual Reality

How will virtual reality affect the future of video? The NBA gives us a sneak peek.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages: The New ALEXA Mini Empowers

What does the new Arri ALEXA Mini allow photographers to accomplish?

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4 Ways Big Data Will Impact Television and Film

Learn more about how Big Data will impact the future of the Television and Film industry. From "50 Shades of Grey" to "House of Cards", Big Data has b...

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APIs 101: 9 Awesome Things You Can Do With An API

Intro to APIs and 9 Awesome Things Created with Them

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Preparing for 4K on the Small Screen

As Amazon and Vimeo join the world of 4K streaming, viewers and editors can prepare for the ultra HD experience.

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Kai Pradel Talks Digital Asset Management for Creatives

MediaSilo CEO Kai Pradel discusses digital asset management for creative pros with DAM Coalition. Read the full interview and download the free ebook.

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Does Adobe's Move To Creative Cloud Help Or Hurt Video Producers?

In May 2013, Adobe ended perpetual licensing for Adobe CS and shifted to a subscription model with Adobe CC. Six months later, the industry is still u...

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Editing Wars: Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut vs Avid

An analysis of the video editing software platform wars between Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut X, and Avid Media Composer

The Future Of Media Workflow Media Industry News Technology News

Adobe Ginger Seeks To Put Video Production In Everyone's Reach

Learn about how Adobe's new tool will show your video production story to the world.