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7 Reasons Working In Post-Production Can Be Depressing AF

Working in post production can really be a love hate relationship. How much do you relate to some of these key sources of post production job stress?

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Preventing Leaks: Overlays vs. Watermarks

Read to learn more about the fundamental differences between overlays, visible and forensic watermarks.

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DaVinci Resolve 12 is Becoming a Contender for NLEs

Find out how Davinci Resolve 12 is unifying the post production process and revolutionizing the industry.

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Elegant Workflow Podcast: Interview With Kai Pradel CEO And Founder Of Mediasilo

Founder of MediaSilo Kai Pradel discusses the cloud on The Elegant Workflow Podcast

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Interstellar Helps Put Sound in the Spotlight

Sound editing and mixing are often overlooked, but Interstellar brought them back to the forefront

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Collaboration in the Digital Production Workflow - Kai Pradel on the Digital Production BuZZ with Larry Jordan

Kai Pradel, CEO and Founder of MediaSilo, Inc., appeared on The Digital Production Buzz with Larry Jordan to discuss the post-production technology la...

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Why You Should Budget for Video Sharing

Video Sharing is often overlooked in the budget, but neglecting to account for it can often end up costing in the long run

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Solve for the Creative: How to Successfully Implement a Media Management Platform

It's important to take your creative team's POV into account to insure you'll end up with a media management solution that will be thoroughly adopted.

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5 Reasons to Not Use Vimeo Pro for Review and Approval

5 Reasons Not to Use Vimeo Pro for Review and Approval

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How to Secure Your Media Without Alienating Your Users

What we can learn from Lionsgate about content security as it prepares to launch its lawsuit over piracy of its upcoming film The Expendables 3.

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7 Reasons Why A Career in Post Production is Awesome

I recently wrote a blog post (link) titled 7 Reasons to Avoid a Career in Post Production. It seems to have struck a nerve with people – for better an...

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7 Reasons To Avoid A Career In Post Production

Post production is one of the most challenging facets of the entertainment industry, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. If you, like many, are c...