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What's the Verdict on 4k Television?

Two years ago, I predicted to see more 4K content on the scene in 2015. As the content explosion continues, what's the verdict on 4k now--nearly 2 yea...

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Is Sundance Dead?

Is Sundance Dead? What's the future for film festivals of its kind.


Staying Alive: The Pros and Cons of Television Reboots

The Reboot is fast becoming the most trendy thing in television but is it all good? Read our thoughts on the blog.


Why Production Value is Worth Paying For

In an age where every company is a media company, lots of companies are upping their appetite for video but hesitating to pay for it.


Why Everyone Should Learn How to Edit Video

Video is the currency of our time. Learn why it's worth it to learn to edit film yourself.


Vimeo Copyright Match, and Choosing The Right Tool for the Job

Vimeo's decision to copyright scan all content frustrated their user community doing review & approval, but Vimeo was never the right tool for that.

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6 Things To Expect At NAB 2014

2014 is shaping up to be a transformative year for the TV and Film industry. We are super excited to be exhibiting at NAB at this pivotal time in the ...

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10 Production Workflow Mistakes and Time Wasters To Avoid

When preparing for a video production, most of your effort is rightly spent on telling a great visual story. Collaboration workflow is often an aftert...

Opinion The Future Of Media Workflow

5 Reasons Why A Native iOS App Is A Must Have For A Professional Video Sharing Platform

If you are a creative professional, chances are you have adopted Apple's mobile devices with gusto and see them as essential tools for running your cr...

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7 Binge Watching Recommendations For The Holiday Season

Its getting cold and miserable outside here in NYC. Time to don the PJs, turn up the heat, and do some soul-replenishing binge watching! A recent stud...

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Clients & Grinders: How To Avoid Bad Video Production Clients

A huge challenge for independent production companies and creative services companies is selecting the right clients. You want to work with companies ...

Opinion The Future Of Media Workflow

The Vanishing User Interface

XTreme Labs (now acquired by Pivotal Labs) published this insighful article about how user interfaces have evolved over the history of computing, and ...

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Does Adobe's Move To Creative Cloud Help Or Hurt Video Producers?

In May 2013, Adobe ended perpetual licensing for Adobe CS and shifted to a subscription model with Adobe CC. Six months later, the industry is still u...

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Editing Wars: Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut vs Avid

An analysis of the video editing software platform wars between Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut X, and Avid Media Composer

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The Democratization Of Production

Michael Rosenblum explains how shrinking costs throughout the media industry have created a wealth of opportunity "It doesn't cost anything to make br...