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Breaking Baftas: What You Need to Know

Get the run down on the BAFTAS and their place in the Award show ecosystem.

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MediaSilo at IBC 2015

Meet with MediaSilo at the 2015 IBC Show!

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Congratulations to Our Customers on Their Emmy Nominations!

Congratulations to our awesome clients on their Emmy Nominations! See our blog for a list of companies and amazing work.

Media Industry News Good Reads

The Dealings of Cannes 2015

Learn more about the latest deals taking place at Cannes 2015 and how new players in the film buying market are making a footprint.

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4 Reasons the NewFronts are a Game Changer

4 reasons the newfronts are a game changer.

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The 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Post-Production

A breakdown of the 5 highest paying jobs in post-production

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Facebook Video Seeks to Replace YouTube and Conquer Google Once and For All

Facebook's latest innovations are a threat to Google's business

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If YouTube's Broke Then We're All F-ed

What do YouTube's economics mean for the rest of the media industry?

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Apple is Changing the Media Landscape with Their 25 Channel TV Service Launching in September

Apple's new streaming tv service has the potential to be hugely disruptive to the industry

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How has Empire Become the Fastest Growing TV Show in 20 Years?

How has Empire become the fastest growing TV show in 20 years?

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Awards to Look For at the 2015 NAB Show

Preview of awards to be given out at NAB 2015

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Are Short Films the Future of Entertainment and Advertising?

Short films are making a comeback in entertainment and are now a major player in the advertising industry

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Can Streaming Screeners Save the Film Industry?

How would secure streaming screeners help the film industry beat piracy?

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Oscar Films Lose Big Due to Piracy

Which Oscar Films were pirated the most this year?

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Oscar Controversies Digest: Feb 24th

The 2015 Oscars Sparked Multiple Controversies in the Entertainment Industry