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Employee Spotlight: Ben Bokaer

Want to know what makes our invaluable Support leader tick? Learn more about him in our employee spotlight series.

Media Industry News Good Reads

Breaking Baftas: What You Need to Know

Get the run down on the BAFTAS and their place in the Award show ecosystem.

Technology News Good Reads

MediaSilo in Popular Mechanics

Can Real-Time Video Watermarking Take a Bite Out of Piracy? Read the Popular Mechanics article that examines how MediaSilo could be changing the face ...

Opinion Good Reads

Is Sundance Dead?

Is Sundance Dead? What's the future for film festivals of its kind.

Educational Good Reads Post Production

Preventing Leaks: Overlays vs. Watermarks

Read to learn more about the fundamental differences between overlays, visible and forensic watermarks.

Product Updates New Features Good Reads

Securing Your Content in 2 Steps: Multi-Factor Authentication

What's the deal with Multi-factor Authentication? Learn more about it from MediaSilo.

Media Industry News Good Reads

The Dealings of Cannes 2015

Learn more about the latest deals taking place at Cannes 2015 and how new players in the film buying market are making a footprint.

Technology News Good Reads Post Production

DaVinci Resolve 12 is Becoming a Contender for NLEs

Find out how Davinci Resolve 12 is unifying the post production process and revolutionizing the industry.

Media Industry News Good Reads

Can Streaming Screeners Save the Film Industry?

How would secure streaming screeners help the film industry beat piracy?

The Future Of Media Workflow Creativity Educational Good Reads

Free Ebook: How To Implement Digital Asset Management For Creative Professionals

This E-book proposes a new approach to digital asset management based on the needs and desires of the creative professional.

Opinion Good Reads

Clients & Grinders: How To Avoid Bad Video Production Clients

A huge challenge for independent production companies and creative services companies is selecting the right clients. You want to work with companies ...