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What Makes a Great Product Explainer Video? Our Q&A with MyPromoVideos Offers Insight

Q&A with, an explainer video production company

Educational Digital Asset Management

Cloud vs. Local: The Saga Continues

Should you use cloud storage or local storage for your media asset management solution?


Online Video Sharing: 8 Rules To Follow

8 Rules to Follow when sharing videos online

Educational Video Lingo

Collaboration Beyond Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo - Kai Pradel on the Workflow Show

On Episode 302 of The Workflow Show, Kai Pradel sits down with the guys from Chesapeake Systems to talk media asset management


7 Things You Can Do Today to Secure Your Media

Here are 7 things you can do today to increase your protection against data security threats


5 Rules to Follow When Every Company is a Media Company

Every company is a media company. In today's day and age, creating compelling media content is a vital component of any viable growth strategy.


How Video Marketing Works [Infographic]

Video marketing is becoming more important than ever. This infographic breaks down exactly why and how.


How Not to Use Video to Support Your Sales Process

Standards have been raised when it comes to video marketing. Follow these tips for How Not to Use Video to Support Your Sales Process


Using Video in eLearning

Using video in eLearning is a growing trend. Learn the best practices before you embark on your next project.

Educational Post Production

5 Reasons to Not Use Vimeo Pro for Review and Approval

5 Reasons Not to Use Vimeo Pro for Review and Approval

Educational Video Lingo

3 Video Terms That You Should Know

Every industry has its own lingo and acronyms, but the video production industry seems to thrive on its own special language. No other profession requ...


What Is DAM?

DAM (Digital Asset Management) is the practice of storing, cataloging and handling digital files to make the files more findable, reusable and availab...

The Future Of Media Workflow Creativity Educational Good Reads

Free Ebook: How To Implement Digital Asset Management For Creative Professionals

This E-book proposes a new approach to digital asset management based on the needs and desires of the creative professional.

The Future Of Media Workflow Educational

5 Essential Collaboration Tools For Video Makers

Collaboration tools are often an afterthought when planning for a production. However the collaboration tools you use (or don't use) can make the diff...

Opinion The Future Of Media Workflow Educational

10 Production Workflow Mistakes and Time Wasters To Avoid

When preparing for a video production, most of your effort is rightly spent on telling a great visual story. Collaboration workflow is often an aftert...