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6 (New) Life Saving Tips for NAB Newbies

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Last year we posted 10 life saving tips for NAB newbies. We still think those are the top 10 essentials but wanted to add a few more to the mix that the average NAB goer may find useful! Check out our latest additions below.

1) Mobile charger/Spare battery -  "Connected" doesn't begin to describe the average American, let alone the average person at a technology conference. Having a dead phone is no bueno, so make sure you're prepared by having a portable charger on the ready. And if that dies, feel free to slide by booth SL9416 for a  complimentary charge.

2) A Real Meal – We mentioned packing a power bar to keep you going and help you avoid long-lines and a just plain horrible dining experience at the conference hall. However, even those can wear thin when you're actually starving. Pack a hearty sandwich before you get to the show so you have something to scarf down between meetings.

3) Sweater – Most convention halls hover between the temperatures "sterile" and cool. Meaning you won't be hot or cold but depending on your tolerance level it can get uncomfortable. If you're prone to goosebumps, pack a zip up hoodie or cardigan.

4) A Plan – Going into NAB blind is an amateur move. Whether you're in the market for new technology for your business, looking for partnerships, or just checking out the latest, you should have a list of your priority booths to visit. Additionally, most exhibitors allow for pre-booked meetings. Get yours on the books so you have a concrete schedule and maximize the conference experience.

5) Alcohol (but not too much) - Vegas is the land of debauchery, but NAB is also a business related conference. Keep it professional-- indulge in a few glasses of wine (or beer), but don't get wasted. Or if you must, make your hard core night your last in the city.

6) Moisturizer – Las Vegas is incredible dry. These can lead to uncomfortably cracked hands and joints. Make sure to pack a solid hand cream to apply when necessary.


Swing by the MediaSilo booth at SL9416 for a demo and pick up some NAB swag. We’ll also have cocktails at the booth Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 – 6:00. So RSVP, have a beer (or water) on us, introduce yourselves and have a wonderful show.

See you in Vegas!!


Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".