on October 14, 2013 Opinion The Future Of Media Workflow Creativity

The Democratization Of Production

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NewMediaDemocracySmallMichael Rosenblum, CEO at Rosenblum TV explains how shrinking costs throughout the media industry have created a wealth of opportunity.

"It doesn't cost anything to make broadcast quality video, all you need is talent. The tools out there are so cheap and easy to use that any nine-year-old can operate them. We're at a unique moment in history where two technologies come together to completely change the world. The two that line up together are the tools have become idiot-proof and essentially free, which is astonishing. Ten years ago if you wanted to create a TV network you needed to have a billion dollars to invest."

We couldn't agree more with Michael's assessment. At MediaSilo we strive to help drive the democratization trend by making media asset management and production collaboration cheap and non-expert, requiring no servers or IT expertise. We make it easy to try out MAM in an obligation free way, with our 14 day free trial.

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