on January 31, 2014 The Future Of Media Workflow Case Studies

Sunpop Studios Makes Their Customers The Directors

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SunpopIn this case study we look at how explainer-video experts Sunpop Studios leverage their turn-key video production kit and MediaSilo's video sharing platform to make their customers the directors.

The Challenge: Professional Video Production for Businesses

Any business who wants to create professional quality video will quickly realize that they don’t have the necessary tools or expertise to do this in house. Whether you’re putting together a video to introduce your company to the World or to show customer testimonials, making quality content means having good equipment and video professionals to produce and edit it. This can come at a hefty cost and requires setting aside valuable time out of the office to collaborate with the production team to shoot, review and approve footage.

The Solution: a Professional Grade Solution from Sunpop using MediaSilo

We needed a platform that’s robust enough for professionals, but simple enough for anyone.

Sunpop offers a unique and innovative solution to help businesses of all types shoot professional and impactful videos, cheaper, easier and faster. At the core of Sunpop’s offering is the VidSimple studio-in-a-box: a patent-pending versatile, affordable and portable studio. Sunpop ships you a box with all of the necessary lighting, video and audio recording equipment along with easy installation instructions. You simply set it up in the comfort of your own office! Knowing that most customers have never been on camera, the VidSimple studio-in-a-box is designed to hide the camera and help you feel more comfortable while recording. 

As a natural complement to the VidSimple studio-in-a-box, Sunpop offers an on-demand video editing service: VidLauncher. The missing piece of the puzzle between VidSimple and VidLauncher was a way for customers to send raw footage and allow them to review different edits of the videos. In short, Sunpop needed a video collaboration platform.

The following requirements were identified as mandatory for the platform to support: 

  • Cloud based - no desire to buy and maintain on-premise hardware and software; an elastic solution that could grow with their business

  • User permissions - granular controls of users within accounts

  • Multi tenant - fully separate account per customer

  • Multi project - multiple projects per customer

  • Multi format - accept a myriad of file formats an an input for proxies [from various cameras]

  • Multi device - equally accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones

  • Comment & Approve - to facilitate collaboration with customers from raw footage to final edit

Sunpop looked into various solutions but in the end MediaSilo was the only video collaboration platform that they found could fulfill all of the above needs while remaining simple enough for Sunpop’s customers to use.

Rex Williams, President of Sunpop Studios said “Because most of our clients have never produced a video before, we needed a platform that’s robust enough for professionals, but simple enough for anyone. Mediasilo gives us granular control where we need it, but those details fade away when our clients need a simple, un-intimidating  interface.” 

The Result: A Final Cut!

Mediasilo has become a foundational piece of our entire workflow. 

Sunpop has succeeded in providing a streamlined path for businesses to consistently make good videos. They’ve fulfilled this promise thanks to a team of talented video professionals who produce impactful content. The team at Sunpop also relies on a set of critical tools, from their editing systems to the studio-in-a-box provided to customers. 

MediaSilo has become the glue between these various systems, allowing the exchange and review of content, from raw footage to the final cut, anywhere on any device. To date Sunpop has produced more than 2,000 videos for customers using our solution. We’re looking forward to being a key partner as they continue to grow.

“Mediasilo has become a foundational piece of our entire workflow. I think any growing studio should consider where they plan on being in another 3-5 years. We chose our platform based on where we were going, not just where we were. It’s made all the difference in the the world”. 

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