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Sneak Peek: Edit Companion for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Our team is excited to share a preview of one of our upcoming features: Edit Companion for Adobe Premiere Pro. With the Edit Companion extension, you'll be able to browse and download the assets in your MediaSilo account from directly within Premiere Pro. It's about to get a whole lot easier to work with your team. 

Edit Companion combines the ease of cloud collaboration with the power of desktop editing. Log in once, and you can browse the assets in your MediaSIlo account just as easily as you can browse a local drive. 

Work with Remote Collaborators

Need to get a shot from a remote team member? Just have them upload it to MediaSIlo. You can import it into your project without leaving your NLE. No more one-way download links or FTP. Upload once, and your whole team can access the media from anywhere.

Proxy Workflows Made Easy

Offline editing is enjoying a day in the sun, thanks to the growing popularity of small, lightweight computers and large, uncompressed video shooting formats. Did you know that MediaSilo's high-quality proxies are also ideal for an offline edit? With Edit Companion, you can upload your source footage or mezzanine files to MediaSilo, and then import the proxies directly into Premiere Pro. Make your first cut on the go, and then match back to source assets once you're back at your workstation. 

All Your Media in One Place

With Edit Companion, your whole team has instant access to your media library. No more stacks of hard drives for each project--you can work with what you need when you need it, and know the assets will always be secure in the cloud.

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Jared Vincenti

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