on October 06, 2014 Product Updates

Sending Rough Cuts Just Got Easier

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At MediaSilo we're committed to putting creatives first: our mission is to build tools to increase productivity and reduce friction in creative workflows. That's why we're excited to announce the release of QuickLinks for Mac OSX (10.8+).

The QuickLinks Desktop App is a tiny app that runs in your OS X menu bar and is connected with your MediaSilo account. You can drag a file to it and create QuickLinks directly from your desktop without having to go through the MediaSilo interface. You can start an upload and send someone a link before the upload is finished, so you don’t have to spend time babysitting the progress bar.

QuickLinks are branded, elegant, dedicated landing pages that showcases your media without distraction. QuickLinks put the power of video sharing in your hands. Upload a video and send a QuickLink to your team. Then receive notifications every time a video is viewed. Your reviewers don't have to download anything - just click, watch and comment. Works on iPhone, iPad, Android, and all other mobile devices. 

Read more about the app and download it here.

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