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Finally...A Complete, Flexible, On-Demand Watermarking Solution

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When we launched our SafeStream on-demand watermarking service at the beginning of 2016, the response was immediate: Wow, how did you do it? Companies including BBC, ITV and Hulu use the real-time visual watermarking technology to protect pre-release content everywhere from rough cut review to the sales process to screening rooms. Applying personalized digital watermarks directly into the videostream within seconds, SafeStream is faster, cheaper and easier to use than traditional watermarking techniques. The one piece of feedback we kept getting over and over?  "If you had a forensic option in addition to visual watermarking, this would be a category killer."  

Given how long it took to develop real-time visual watermarking, we knew finding a way to apply the same on-demand technique to forensic watermarking would be no easy task. Luckily, we were able to find a company that had already created some mindblowing technology in this area. We're excited to announce that we have integrated ContentArmor's forensic watermarking solution into SafeStream, providing a real alternative for companies who are looking to jettison DVD screeners and other time and resource-intensive methods in favor of inserting watermarks only when a viewer presses play.

“With piracy more of a concern than ever, our clients are looking to introduce accountability throughout the production process,” says Kai Pradel, CEO of MediaSilo. “Visible watermarking is a great way to deter individuals from sharing unauthorized content, but there are cases when an invisible alternative is more conducive to the viewing experiences. That's why we're so excited to incorporate ContentArmor’s groundbreaking forensic watermarking technology into SafeStream to create a totally flexible and cost-effective solution.”

ContentArmor’s forensic watermarking is the only product in the market that operates directly in the content bitstream. ContentArmor embeds a trackable but invisible watermark near instantaneously without compromising video quality. The solution does not require additional storage and/or bandwidth and offers the best fidelity-robustness trade-off for high value content creation and distribution.

“The stakes are too high to cut corners and leave your content unprotected at any point during production or distribution,” says ContentArmor CEO Alain Durand. “MediaSilo shares our philosophy that watermarking should be fast, cost-effective and thus ubiquitous. We are excited to reach a broader audience in Hollywood now that our forensic solution is available as part of SafeStream.”

SafeStream is available on a standalone basis and can be integrated directly into existing workflows, such as media management systems, screening rooms or Apple TV Channels. It’s also immediately available as part of MediaSilo’s collaboration and media management platform. Clients can choose to apply visible or forensic watermarking – or some combination thereof -- to any file, during any phase of the production process.

The combined offering presents many advantages over existing watermarking techniques:

  • Instant watermarking. From short clips to feature length movies, video files are uniquely watermarked in seconds. Conventional watermarking can often take as long as the playback duration of a file, making it impractical for most workflows that depend on quick turnaround times.
  • True cross-platform security. Unlike DRM tools, SafeStream and ContentArmor do not require proprietary player software, which means they work out of the box on mobile devices and in web browsers.
  • Total flexibility. SafeStream provides a visual deterrent that clearly identifies users by their name, email, IP address or subscriber ID. Various options exist to customize the watermark duration, placement and look. ContentArmor provides an additional tracing layer by inserting an invisible identifier that survives any subsequent processing of the video asset.

Want to learn more? Check out SafeStream or request a demo. If you'll be at IBC this week, come see it in person and learn more about ContentArmor’s unique digital watermarking technology at this year’s IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, from September 9th-12th at booth A.36 in Hall 2.