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Coming Soon: QuickLink Updates

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We're excited to announce a major update to QuickLinks, arriving this month for all MediaSIlo users. This new iteration of MediaSIlo's most popular tool brings many improvements to make it easier for you to share and collaborate. FIrst of all, a new tool bar and an all-new design means your work looks great in QuickLinks.


Send multiple files in a single presentation using a single URL. You can add or remove files from the QuickLink, so it's possible to keep a single URL for the lifetime of a project. Use any file type in QuickLinks, such as documents, photos, artwork, video, or audio. This lets you keep all production files in one place. Auto-play turns QuickLinks into a convenient and elegant dailies tool. 


Built with responsive design in mind, the new QuickLinks viewer looks great on any mobile device, including Blackberry, Windows Phones, and IOS devices. 


New review tools such as visual markers and time-coded comments make QuickLinks the best tool for review and approval, standards and compliance, or executive review. Keyboard shortcuts mean going through review sessions is easier than ever. Use "P" and "C" for easy commenting or move through clips with your arrow buttons. Export comments in convenient formats, and explore our new sign-in options to quickly identify yourself for your review sessions. 


Check who has viewed your QuickLink, downloaded assets, or submitted comments in the new analytics viewer. Everything about your QuickLink is in one place, and remains accessible even after your QuickLink has expired.


What happens to my old QuickLinks?
They stay exactly the same! All existing links will continue to work, and will continue to gather view data for analytics. All QuickLinks created after the update will have the new styling and tools.

What about Presentations?
With these improvements to QuickLinks, there's not much need for Presentations anymore, is there? We'll be retiring the Presentation Pod in the coming months, but for the time being Presentations and QuickLinks will continue to coexist. 

Can I see it in action?
Yes, please click here to view a brief demo video of the new QuickLink functionality: 


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Jared Vincenti

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