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Pssst...This App is Going to Change Your Life: MediaSilo GO

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MediaSilo introduces MediaSilo GO-- your best companion for viewing QuickLinks and improving your workflow. Never lose track of video content or get bogged down with incoming emails from colleagues. With MediaSilo GO, everything you need to track, review, and collaborate with your team lives in a single app. Download today for iPhone and iPad.Untitled-1_2-173588-edited.png

 See some highlights below:

1. View all of your QuickLinks in one place

MediaSilo GO allows you to view all of your private and public QuickLinks in one feed. Register your email address and the feed will automatically update with new content you have received from team members.generalgo1.png


2. Bookmark your top priority QuickLinks

Using QuickLinks for review and approval? Simply bookmark priority QuickLinks so you can return to them at any time and provide feedback. While viewing content, you can see your team’s comments and add your own with a precise timecode.iphone.png



3. Never miss an update

MediaSilo GO sends you push notifications and in-app notifications each time you receive a new QuickLink, so you never miss out on new content.






4. Download for offline viewing

Travelling with limited access to wifi?  Download your content and view it anywhere, anytime within the app.



Available for iPhones and iPads. Download today.

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