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Product Update: MediaSilo iOS App

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MediaSilo iPad App

In the time since we published our mobile app for iOS, we’ve made several important updates:

Quicklinks Overlay


What is it: Each quick link video you share will have an overlay of the player’s first and last name as well as their ip address.

Why is it important: If a security breach happens, you’ll want to know who was responsible ASAP. With our security overlay, we’ll make sure any pirated video will have the source traced back unmistakably every time.

Background Downloads 



What is it: File downloads can take place in the background while you use other apps on your mobile device. A badge on the icon will notify you the download is in progress and a pop-up notification will let you know when the download is complete.

Why is it important: Mobile viewing is all about convenience. If you’re taking the time to download and comment on a file while you’re on the go, you’ve got other things to do than sit and wait for the file to download.

Offline Mode

What is it: Any activity you complete while you’re offline will sync back as soon as you go back online.

Why is it important: Internet access while you’re in transit has a way of being, well, transient. If you’re in the middle of approving or commenting on a media file and your internet access cuts out, you don’t want to have to lose your progress.

iOS 7 Security Compatibility 

What is it: You can lock MediaSilo with the same PIN with which you lock your iPhone or iPad

Why is it important: It adds one extra layer of security between your sensitive content and those you don’t want to see it.

AirPlay Integration 

What is it: If you can connect with an AppleTV then you can control the presentation from your iPhone or iPad.

Why is it important: Wireless presentation is all about efficiency. Controlling everything from your mobile device prevents you from having to download or upload any media files which slow things down. When you’re on a tight schedule, any time saved is valuable.


Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".