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Quicklink Update - Sharing Streaming Video Just Got Easier

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QuicklinkPromoPicQuicklinks have long been at the heart of what we do at MediaSilo - making sharing and collaborating on video projects simple. A core goal for our dev team is to continually evolve Quicklink sharing, making it ever simpler and easier to share streaming video previews and other media with your team and customers.

Our recent release in December included a major update to QuickLinks. With over half a million QuickLinks sent per month, we knew we had to get this right. We hope you agree. 

New Wizard
A streamlined wizard makes sending QuickLinks faster and easier. Settings can be stored in pre-sets so you no longer have to customize settings for each QuickLink. The option to include a Direct Link (or leave it out) in QuickLink emails means you can choose to give users a direct link to an asset in MediaSilo or ask them to use the QuickLink page. 

Distribution List
Choosing a list of recipients to send QuickLinks to is now as easy as dragging a clip to a distirbution lists. QuickLinks also have a new auto-suggest option to suggest recipients by list, tag, or name.

Logo Customization
Pro and Enterprise users will be able to customize QuickLinks with their own logo.

A new comment engine makes adding comments on specific QuickLinks much easier. You can now keep comments out of MediaSilo and collect feedback in QuickLinks.

Metadata Display
Show clip metadata as part of the QuickLinks screen so your viewer gets the full picture. 

Improved Support for Documents
With a new document viewer, looking at PDF, Doc, Excel or other document types has just gotten much easier.

Enhanced Mobile Support
Improved support for mobile devices.

Watch A Quicklink Tutorial: 

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Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel is the Founder and CEO of MediaSilo.