on January 30, 2014 Product Updates

Upload & Share Video Faster With The New MediaSilo File Uploader

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If you are a regular MediaSilo user, chances are you upload a lot of files. That is why we have updated the MediaSilo Uploader, making it faster and easier to upload files and share them.

With a fresh new design and tons of improvements, file upload has never been easier. Here is what you need to know: 

Fast File Uploads
We announced the fast uploader a few weeks ago for beta testers but it is now the default option and provides up to 15x the speed of the old uploader. It's available for all current subscribers regardless of their specific plan. The old uploader is still available as an alternative option in the near future. 

Project List View
A new list view makes browsing and finding long project or folder names much easier. Drag directly into the list view to start uploading immediately.

Improved Error Handling
The new uploader catches file naming or size issues before upload begins. This saves a lot of time and tells you exactly what is wrong with a given file.

Coming soon - the ability to bypass proxy creation, choose your own encode settings, set overlay options, or add metadata on upload. Yup, we've got more work to do but watch the settings button come alive soon.

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Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel is the Founder and CEO of MediaSilo.