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New Comment Workflows

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Review and approval workflows depend on solid commenting tools. At MediaSilo, we have recently begun revising our commenting engine to more closely resemble real-world scenarios based on feedback from customers in post-production, market research, and advertising. Over the next few weeks, we will release several significant enhancements to make reviewing, commenting, and collaborating on media much easier. The first two updates launched this morning in the form of a new Comments Pod and comment keyboard shortcuts. Take a look at the examples below.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use the space bar to pause/play video and use the "C" and "P" keys on your keyboard to add comments without the need to manually pause playback. Hit the "C" key while playing back video and enter comments as the video continues to play back. Hitting "P" will pause the video while you enter your comment and will resume playback after you hit the enter key. If you are adding lots of comments this means a huge productivity boost. 

New Comments Pod

Scanning through comments quickly is just as important as adding comments so we have redesigned the comments to resemble Facebook-style comments that most people are very familiar with. This includes the use of gravatars to see who submitted the comment. Take a look below.



Look out for additional enhancements around comments in coming weeks. We've got lots more in the works. 

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Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel is the Founder and CEO of MediaSilo.