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NAB 2014 First Look - New MediaSilo Features

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We are super excited to show off our new tools and features at NAB 2014. Our focus this year has been on providing the most professional video sharing and review experience available.

Our clients have told us that their top priority is presenting themselves and their content professionally. This means a simple and elegant video review and feedback experience for their clients and executives. It also means that no expense should be spared in video quality.

We have also made several key enhancements to the usability of the platform. While the video review experience is paramount, the platform itself must be simple, fast and easy to use for our clients. Uploads and proxy encodes are faster than ever, reducing wait times. Plus we have reduced the steps and clicks involved in sending out a Quicklink, making it quicker than ever to share video professionally.

We also realize that MediaSilo is most useful when it is well integrated into the production and post workflow. We have some exciting announcements about this coming soon.

Here is a preview of some of the new advancements we'll be unveiling at this year's NAB show:

iPad and iPhone Apps

Your entire video library available for search and review from anywhere, right at your fingertips

Mobile is increasingly important for video professionals. It's not just about viewing video on mobile devices, but about connecting to your online media library on your terms. Apple has created a truly remarkable mobile platform, and there is hardly a production meeting happening today without iPads and iPhones. Built from the ground up, our iOS apps are made for video pros on the go who need to view files offline on a plane, make comments anywhere, and sync back up when a network is available. 

New And Improved Quicklinks

Share Multiple Videos For Dailies, Screening or Review & Approval

Quicklinks have long been at the heart of what we do at MediaSilo - making sharing and collaborating on video projects simple. A core goal for our dev team is to continually evolve Quicklink sharing, making it ever simpler and easier to share streaming video previews and other media with your team and customers. Our recent release in December included a major update to QuickLinks, including custom branding, ease of use enhancements, and a design makeover.

At NAB 2014 we'll be launching multi-asset Quicklinks, allowing users to share multiple assets with a single secure URL. Sharing and reviewing multiple assets has never been easier and more convenient. With over half a million QuickLinks sent per month, we knew we had to get this right. We hope you agree. 

Branded Online Video Portals

Video publishing made easy and beautiful

MediaSilo's Media Portals let you present video clips on a branded website. Your audience can search or browse the portal for video, then watch the video and add it to a cart for download. Launch a portal with hand-picked content or create dynamic portals fed by powerful metadata filters. Used for high-profile events such as the MTV Video Music Awards, Media Portals offer a completely automated and beautiful way to publish content to your audience.

Fast Uploader

Cut waiting times with our new accelerated uploader

If you are a regular MediaSilo user, chances are you upload a lot of files. That is why we have updated the MediaSilo Uploader, making it faster and easier to upload files and share them. Some customers are reporting up to 15x speed improvement.

Super-High Quality Previews

The best looking streaming video proxies available anywhere online

Recently we announced a big upgrade to our proxy encoder to create stunning quality streaming video proxies. Our proxy encoder has been tuned to use a higher bitrate for sharper, more color-accurate previews. The encoder even adjusts to the movement in the image, automatically customizing an encoding spec to ensure maximum quality for all kinds of videos from animations to live action.

... And more announcements coming soon

We have some exciting workflow and integration developments in store, but they're too good to let out of bag before the show. Book a meeting with us at NAB and get a first look.

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