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MediaSilo + Slack now Available!

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We're no stranger to Slack here at MediaSilo (we use it in our offices religiously) so when talks of supporting integrations arose it was a natural conclusion that Slack would be one of the many apps we'd want to integrate with in some fashion. 

Now the day is here. We recently introduced a direct integration with Slack that you can set up right now!

Not sure why this is a big deal? Well mainly, Slack has the ability to connect teams across the globe and now MediaSilo can harness that power in the form of secure sharing and collaboration.

Below are three pretty cool things you can accomplish through a Slack integration.



1.) Know when your file has been transcoded and is ready to view.

Looking at the progress bar after uploading a file can be anger inducing. We get it. Our integrations give you the ability to upload a large file and end the anxious refreshing of the browser waiting for it to be done. Get notified in real time by Slack when your file is not only uploaded but ready to view and share with the world.  Check emails, get a coffee, and stop waiting by the computer for 100%.

2.)  Real-time updates/ No email clutter

Email should be for important client communication, not simple notifications that you'll likely delete or relegate to the spam folder. With our Slack integration, you can eliminate the clutter in your inbox and not lose sight of what's going on in your account. In your Slack channel, you can get notifications for any MediaSilo activity from 'new users' added, 'links shared', to 'video deleted'. Be in the know, not annoyed.


3.) Communicate in Slack 

Have dedicated channels for a WiP. Since links can be shared in a channel, Editors can take feedback via Slack through the comment section. Or alternatively, have comments made within your MediaSilo account sent to your Slack channel for those who may not want to login to their MediaSilo account to view them.  





Shannon Hawkins

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