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Meet Silo, Our Mascot

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Silo TodayWe got a lovely email today from Jeff Borkowski - volunteer in the Eastern Massachusetts Puppy Raising Region of Guiding Eyes For the Blind - with an update on Silo, our mascot and Guiding Eyes pup in training. We're so excited to see Silo's progress!

Kai and Team,

I am writing to say Hi and to let you know your namesake and Guiding Eyes pup in training, Silo, will be headed back to NY for the next phase of her training in just a couple of weeks. As MediaSilo has grown leaps and bounds over the last 16-17 months, so has Silo. She still has a long way to go before becoming a guide, but she has come a long way already as you can see in the enclosed pics.

You continue to be one of our greatest supporters and we can't thank you enough. MediaSilo has transformed how we share video both behind the scenes in refining training methodologies and assessing pup development and on the front lines with our wide network of volunteer puppy raisers. The platform is, quite literally, helping us change peoples lives.

Best Regards,
Jeff Borkowski

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Silo, 16 Months Ago:


Silo Today, with new recruit Halston: