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MediaSilo Announces Integration with Adobe Bridge

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Adobe Bridge Integration With MediaSilo

At MediaSilo, we strive to give creative professionals tools to increase efficiency and reduce friction in their workflow. At the forefront of this effort are the tight integrations we've built with Adobe's Creative Cloud, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our integration with Adobe Bridge.

Keywords from Adobe Bridge

What is it: If you use Adobe Bridge to manage your video or image assets and organize them using keywords (ex: Sports, Nature, Actor, Scene, Take, Camera, etc.), you can now automatically convert these keywords into tags in MediaSilo. 

Why is it important: You can easily search and filter assets by tags within MediaSilo's tag pod, without the need to manually enter tags again in MediaSilo. Not having to switch between portals saves you time and increases the efficiency of your workflow.

Here's a link to a help document from our help center

We also offer an integration with Adobe Prelude:

Metadata from Adobe Prelude

What is it: We first joined the Adobe ecosystem through the support of Adobe's XMP format, which allows any asset's metadata edited in Adobe Prelude—or any other Adobe tool—to be viewed in MediaSilo.

Why is it important: XMP provides uniformity to asset management making moving files from one Adobe tool to another a seamless process. By supporting XMP, moving files from Adobe CC to MediaSilo achieved that same level of conformity. 

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