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Introducing MediaSilo 6

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MediaSilo 6 Preview

We've been listening.

From account reviews to support chats, your pain points and your helpful suggestions, we've been taking notes.

We've been listening to all of your feedback on MediaSilo, and today we are thrilled to announce MediaSilo 6.

With version 6, we're making a major update to the MediaSilo web interface. Our focus has been on improving the core user experience: making MediaSilo more intuitive, more attractive, and even more powerful for the thousands of users who rely on us every day.

For one, we've removed the Pods Menu! Instead of variable layouts to be configued by each user, we've standardized views that are focused on specific workflows. We've introduced conventions around how views are structured, to surface more functionality and simplify the interface.

We've also made some significant design changes. We've introduced a clean, modern look that lets your content be the visual vocus of your dashboard. Along the way, we've been simplifying workflows, surfacing more information to users, and finding better ways to show you how to get more out of MediaSilo.

We've tweaked our controls a little bit. Your familiar right-click and drag-and-drop functionality all remains, but we've also added one-click icons and shortcuts in all views, to make it easier to use MediaSilo from touch-screen devices.

Finally, it's not all new design! MediaSilo 6 also brings a lot of new functionality: dynamic and customizable QuickSites, more powerful search, Aspera integration, embed anayltics, and more are all on the way!

Our product development is driven by feedback from our users, and we want to thank every single user who has taken the time and effort to talk to us, to submit feedback, and to help us make MediaSilo even better.

Come see MediaSilo 6 at NAB, April 13-16 in Las Vegas. 

If you won't be at the show, don't worry! Starting April 11, all new accounts will use MediaSilo 6, and all current users will have the option to test drive the new version with their own media. Account administrators will be able to migrate all users on their account to MediaSilo 6.

We hope you are as excited as we are.


The entire MediaSilo team.




Jared Vincenti

Product Manager at MediaSilo. I herd the cats...only my cats make amazing products. I'm also a filmmaker.