on January 27, 2017 The Future Of Media Workflow

Indie Movies are Turning to This Tool For Dailies

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 170119_sundance0511-1.jpeg The “Big Sick” was recently purchased for $12 million by Amazon. “Manchester by the Sea” was nominated for Best Picture at both the Golden Globes and Oscars. “Beasts of No Nation” was the first film to be distributed to theaters and Netflix simultaneously. Beyond being wildly successful critically and financially (not just for indie movies but in the broader scope of cinema), these films have something in common. They’ve ditched cumbersome and expensive dailies solutions for a new tool on the block.

See below for why this tool has garnered "indie cred" and why these companies are choosing it over longstanding traditional solutions.

MediaSilo has existed for nearly a decade as a video collaboration platform-- used mainly in the television post-production space. However, more recently it has gained popularity within a sub-community of indie film companies who are rebelling against old ways of doing things and carving out a new dailies workflow others in the genre should take note of. So what’s the draw of MediaSilo over high-end solutions like DAX and PIX or freemium tools like Dropbox and Vimeo? Here are a few:



MediaSilo offers extremely fair and flexible pricing made with indie productions in mind. Pricing is designed to be a single line item in your budget, with no overages or additional fees - ever. With 3, 6, or 9-month contracts, production teams can map out their needs and have peace of mind knowing they will have uncapped storage, ample users, and top-tier support (at no extra cost) to get their films over the finish line.


Unlike other dailies solutions, MediaSilo is completely self-managed. In fact, MediaSilo employees cannot access your account or data. Self-management eliminates the chore of reaching out to a customer service rep to have dailies delivered to an actor or producer at 3 AM. MediaSilo hands over the keys to members of the film team and trusts them to manage their production how they see fit.

Ease of use

No shade intended, but many other dailies solutions are stuck in web 1.0 as it relates to their user interfaces. Not only are they clunky and visually not up to par, they often lack the intuitive user experience design of more modern tools. MediaSilo makes sure the dailies delivery process is seamless for sender and the recipient alike, from interns working on set to executives receiving dailies in the corner office.


In the past, top-notch security came at a high price usually reserved for big budget movies.  MediaSilo takes MPAA guidelines seriously and believe security should be democratized for everyone. With real-time watermarking customized for each dailies recipient, multiple options to configure password- and private- protected links, and a seamless, secure mobile environment, MediaSilo not only goes toe to toe with major dailies-only tools, but goes a step beyond to deliver secure content no matter where you're viewing.


MediaSilo is made to move as fast as the creatives who use it. MediaSilo's high-speed uploader, rich collaboration features, and dailies sharing options are easily scalable across large and small organizations, and its cloud infrastructure is broadly trusted by major production companies and television networks alike.


Have questions about MediaSilo or want to see more of what MediaSilo has to offer? Take it for a spin with a free trial or request a demo with one of our Sales Reps.

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