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Why Our Search is So. Clutch.

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MediaSilo is used industry wide as a platform to collaborate and securely share video cuts for approval. However, it also acts as a lightweight DAM, which enables teams to store, tag, and retrieve video assets long after they've gone to air. One necessary aspect of any DAM is a search tool that simple, versatile and works every time.

That's where our advanced search feature comes in. Unlike most consumer review and approval tools, MediaSilo has a robust search functionality that makes managing your assets simple.  Read on for some of our standout search cabailities.

1. Universal Search vs. Project Search

Our search allows you to look for assets across every project you have access to, but also allows for specific project-based searches as well. This can cut down on the time it takes you to find an asset when you have many projects.  However, the ability to switch between both universal and project search makes our search distinctive within the review and approval space.

2. "Upload date" search

datecreated.png  datecreated.png datecreated.png

Need to get rid of assets uploaded before a certain date? Simply input a specific date or date range and get the results you're looking for. This is especially useful for ridding your account of assets that are obsolete and/or have been backed up and archived elsewhere. Many tools may let you sort by upload date but not search by it. +1 for us.

3. "Uploaded by" search

uploadedby.png uploadedby.png uploadedby.png

Whether you have a revolving door of  freelancers, or just an abnormally high turnover rate (hey it's entertainment!) the "create by" search can come in handy when you want to find assets uploaded by someone specific. It can also be very helpful when purging assets created by someone no longer on your account.

4. Meta-data search/ Tag Filtering


Assets either tagged or given meta-data values can be easily found and categorized. Asset management lives and dies by the ease of discoverability, so having the ability to organize every asset in your account in neat buckets is key. With this functionality, you can find and store all pictures or videos tagged "cat" into a "cute cat pictures" project without missing a beat.

5. Exact Match Search


Exact match search is perfect for when you know exactly what you're looking for but have no idea where to look. Exact match will only return queries that...I'm sure you can guess-- exactly match what you've typed. This can be a time saver since you don't have to browse items that kinda match what you're looking for. In a sea of cuts and dailies footage, this could turn into a life saver.

Although our search is the bees knees, it's actually not the coolest thing we've got going on!  Sign up for a free trial to see why our clients call us the "Ferrari of video management tools".

Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".