on September 26, 2013 Product Updates

Fast Uploads Are Here!

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fastcloudMoving video files over the Internet has always been a challenge. At MediaSilo, we process about 20,000 hours of video a month, and we receive a lot of files. As a result, we hear from many of you who would like file uploading to be easier and faster. 

Today, we are announcing our new accelerated uploader that is up to 10 times faster. It's essentially the same uploader you have been using, but a lot faster. Best of all, you don't need to install any plugins or configure your network to use it.

Today's solutions to transferring large files largely involve proprietary client/server software and protocols that require modifications and exceptions to be added to your firewall. Once configured and installed, these solutions by vendors like Aspera, Signiant, or File Catalyst work extremely well. However, they come with a high price tag.  

The primary reason why large file transfers using conventional protocols such as HTTP or FTP are slow can be traced back to packet loss and latency as a result of the distance between sender and recipient. The route a file takes from your desktop to the MediaSilo servers is unpredictable and in some cases may involve several dozen "hops".  These hops are different networks that connect in peering agreements. Each network will perform differently and - depending on the specific peer - may transfer your files faster or slower than other traffic.

The MediaSilo Accelerated Uploader channels your data through an optimized network and reduces the number of hops as much as possible. Instead of going through 25 hops, you may be routed intelligently through 5 hops, therefore reducing latency and packet loss and ensuring that all content is transferred at the highest speeds possible.

Customers from the West Coast, in the UK, and in Australia will likely notice the most significant speed boost due to the specific network architecture used by our uploader, but we'd like to hear your experience first hand - wherever you are.


Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel is the Founder and CEO of MediaSilo.