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EditCompanion for Adobe Premiere

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With the EditCompanion extension for Adobe Premiere, you can browse and download the assets in your MediaSilo account from directly within Premiere Pro. EditCompanion connects Adobe Premiere to the cloud by letting users import files and share rough cuts--all  without leaving Premiere. EditCompanion is an Adobe Extension that easily installs on your Windows or Mac edit station.

EditCompanion lets users import light-weight proxy files for rough cuts or access the uploaded source without leaving Premiere. Navigate your projects and folders from within Premiere and search your entire catalog. Send QuickLinks by selecting a sequence and entering the recipient. EditCompanion takes care of encoding, uploading, and sending of files so users can get back to editing. A progress bar indicates the status of the file delivery. Connect stringers, uploaders, and editors through MediaSilo and EditCompanion. Uploaded footage is immediately available for import in MediaSilo and rough cuts can be shared back to the client in no time.

EditCompanion is included in all MediaSilo Pro accounts and higher. For a limited time, we are making it available to all users. Click below to download your copy.

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