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Does Adobe's Move To Creative Cloud Help Or Hurt Video Producers?

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CC-image-640x498In May 2013, Adobe ended perpetual licensing for Adobe CS and shifted to a subscription model with Adobe CC. Six months later, the industry is still undecided on whether the move helps or hurts video professionals.

Last week, The Pro Video Coalition published an article discussing how the professional video production industry is responding to Adobe's shift from perpetual software licensing with Creative Suite to a cloud-based subscription model with Creative Cloud. For some, the shift to Creative Cloud has been a blessing, putting pro software pricing within reach with the promise of frequent enhancements. Others see it as "indentured servitude", locking them into an uninvited renting arrangement with Adobe. The takeaway is that the industry as a whole is not yet sold on the benefits of Adobe's bold move.

When Adobe CC launched in May 2013, the internet was set ablaze with dissent. Often dissenting voices are louder and more voiciferous than the pragmatic majority who are more willing to wait and see what happens. However, Adobe saw it as necessary to respond with their own defense of Creative Cloud on the Fast Company Co.DESIGN blog.

Here is a summary of Adobe's reasons for killing Creative Suite:
1. Creative Cloud adoption was faster than expected.
2. Frankly, multiple platforms are harder to maintain.
3. The cloud pushes faster iteration than boxed software.
4. Faster iteration equals more value.
5. Creative Cloud isn't foremost a privacy prevention tool.

At MediaSilo we believe in the power of subscription-based software to lower the cost and burden of trying new software. Subscriptions let you cancel at any time, focusing software providers on customer retention through constant improvement and exceptional support. We think that Creative Cloud will ultimately be successful, giving more people access to professional grade tools at lower cost of entry. However, we're not as certain about Adobe's choice to end perpetual licensing. Time will tell whether this bold decision was a good one.

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