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Build Your Own Apple TV App

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Developers rejoice. Apple TV now allows engineers, tinkerers, and everyone in between to build apps against its API. As usership grows for Apple TV, the opportunity to reach your audience via their television specific app may prove to be crucial. That’s why MediaSilo has created a step-by-step guide to building your own tvOS application. So far, companies have developed apps ranging from in-home security monitors, workouts video apps, or video libraries. The options are limitless. Not sure if building an app is worth it? Read our reasons why we think it totally is!

Big Fish In the Small (but growing) Pond

For independent developers, being first to market means a lot. Your share of voice is much larger within the TVos landscape since very few apps are available. If you’ve got a great idea but don’t want to compete at the mobile level, Apple TV might be your best alternative.

Expanding Cross Device Visibility

If you already have a mobile app in the Apple store, a tvOS application can facilitate a seamless cross device experience for your users. Now more than ever, users seek the ability to perform key functions of their favorite product anywhere and at every opportunity. The addition of Apple TV to your suite of apps will help make using your product completely frictionless.

Improving Existing Workflows

Many companies, such as MediaSilo, have easy-to-use APIs that allow you to create custom workflows. Apple TV is giving developers the opportunity to use APIs like MediaSilo's to generate custom product specific apps-- thus making them work in a greater context. For example, a MediaSilo tvOS app featuring your company's brand and content, can function as a conference room or at-home screening room for executives. This can make the review and approval process much more collaborative, democratic and visually stimulating, possibly even replacing expensive on-premise boxes by making it easy to view their MediaSilo content on the big screen with familiar navigation.


Not a developer? This may not be the easiest content to digest. Our documentation outlines in just a few steps how to build an app that works in tandem with MediaSilo.  We suggest passing this documentation along to someone in your company’s IT department. Get Started Now.


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