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Breaking Baftas: What You Need to Know

Get the run down on the BAFTAS and their place in the Award show ecosystem.

Opinion Technology News

What's the Verdict on 4k Television?

Two years ago, I predicted to see more 4K content on the scene in 2015. As the content explosion continues, what's the verdict on 4k now--nearly 2 yea...


5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor

Want to know what it takes to be an assistant editor? Read our list of tips for success.

Media Industry News Good Reads

The Dealings of Cannes 2015

Learn more about the latest deals taking place at Cannes 2015 and how new players in the film buying market are making a footprint.

Technology News Good Reads Post Production

DaVinci Resolve 12 is Becoming a Contender for NLEs

Find out how Davinci Resolve 12 is unifying the post production process and revolutionizing the industry.

Educational Workflows Digital Asset Management

Is 3D NAND Flash The Future or a Temporary Fix?

Learn more about 3NAND Flash drives and the future of data management.


HBO Picks Up Web Series "High Maintenance"

HBO picks up High Maintenance for six episodes.

Media Industry News

How has Empire Become the Fastest Growing TV Show in 20 Years?

How has Empire become the fastest growing TV show in 20 years?

Media Industry News

Awards to Look For at the 2015 NAB Show

Preview of awards to be given out at NAB 2015

Technology News

Good Things Come in Small Packages: The New ALEXA Mini Empowers

What does the new Arri ALEXA Mini allow photographers to accomplish?

Post Production

Interstellar Helps Put Sound in the Spotlight

Sound editing and mixing are often overlooked, but Interstellar brought them back to the forefront

Media Industry News

Will the Sundance Hit “Tangerine” Help Set the Stage for more iPhone Movies?

Will the Sundance Hit “Tangerine” Help Set the Stage for more iPhone Movies?

Digital Asset Management

What Drive Setup is Best for My Project? The State of Hard Drives in 2015

A guide to help select the best hard drive for your video project

Technology News

Preparing for 4K on the Small Screen

As Amazon and Vimeo join the world of 4K streaming, viewers and editors can prepare for the ultra HD experience.