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Apple is Changing the Media Landscape with Their 25 Channel TV Service Launching in September

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Apple is reportedly releasing a streaming TV service in September exclusively on their devices. They're taking media consumption in a new direction that may disrupt the world of television as we know it. Apple aims to be a one-of-a-kind service, as more and more consumers ditch their standard TV provider and focus their attention on VOD and online streaming. The solution? The most popular, relevant channels on TV, at your fingertips, anywhere you are. 

The Apple TV Service. 25 channels from some of the biggest broadcasters in the world. ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, FX, and Disney deals are already in the works, while Apple continues to push for a larger digital library. These channels will be accessible to consumers on Apple TV AND on any iOS device out there. Stream TV on your iPhone or iPad. The best part? Rumors state that the subscription will cost between $20 and $40 a month, nowhere near what most TV services charge these days. However, if you didn’t notice, one major broadcaster is MIA--the Comcast-owned colossus, NBC-Universal.

If they're unable to woo NBC executives, will Apple TV struggle to gain market share? Sling TV, the streaming service from Dish Network, already launched a viable product that includes the essential broadcast networks. Sony and CBS are both currently in the midst of releasing streaming services as well. Although Apple’s service is predicted to be significantly cheaper than the others, it will still face heavy competition from these powerful corporations. NBC, which also owns USA, Bravo, and Syfy, may be vital to Apple’s success.

Last week, Apple agreed to be the exclusive digital partner for HBO Now, the new streaming service from HBO set to launch in April. As The Wall Street Journal puts it, “that deal was designed as a kind of appetizer for the main meal plans to be served later this year.” The Apple TV service would store all of its contents in the “cloud.” With that said, it might be difficult to acquire full ownership of certain programs, because of content that media companies have already licensed to Netflix and Hulu. Apple will need a wide array of channels that can attract a sufficient customer base. 

Everything is up in the air. Reporters ascertained that Apple will not include smaller networks owned by each TV group, but the specific programs they will include has not been confirmed. No deals have been finalized, nor has Comcast commented on the matter. Apple is believed to be announcing the details of this service in June, and based on what we know, Apple’s new TV streaming service could be big. If any company has the capability to innovate an industry, it’s Apple. 

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