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Adobe Ginger Seeks To Put Video Production In Everyone's Reach

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Adobe have been on an innovation tear recently, going all-in on the cloud with Creative Cloud, and the clever acquisition of creative-pro hangout Behance. Now Adobe is taking things a step further with the beta of a new video production tool for everyone called Adobe Ginger. You can sign up for the beta here.

Adobe's new tool claims to "show your story to the world in minutes"

Ginger lets you create an explainer video or presentation from a pre-created set of templates, shapes and effects that can be easily arranged into a "engaging, stunning video, effortlessly" on your iPad.

"Ginger is now in beta, and you're invited to join the Ginger prerelease program, which will give you exclusive access to Ginger before it's released to the public," said Adobe staff this week. "You'll be able to share the videos you create using Ginger with anyone, so you can share your story."

Ginger aims to democratize video production, making it something than anyone with and iPad and some presentation chops can do with minimal learning curve. If Ginger delivers on this promise, small businesses, startups and charities without the budget to hire a production company will benefit from being able to create their own explainer videos.

You can watch three example of video built on Ginger at the bottom of the Ginger landing page: http://www.getginger.co