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A Note From MediaSilo CEO And Founder

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kaipON THE RELENTLESS PURSUIT TO MAKE MEDIA COLLABORATION BETTER. It seems that not so long ago MediaSilo was just a pet project for a handful of Boston-area media creators that set out to streamline file sharing. We solved a few core workflow problems, shared our toolset, and were overwhelmed by the response. Over the years, MediaSilo has grown to support over 30,000 media creators around the globe and our platform has grown to support new workflows, features, and use cases. It’s humbling to think that MediaSilo is part of the daily routine of so many professionals we admire. It’s also an exciting challenge to maintain such a fast growing platform, launching new features, and managing a quickly growing user base.

This year after the NAB show, I felt that MediaSilo had reached an inflection point of growth that warranted looking back in order to look forward. What I found was that the MediaSilo of 2013 is still deeply rooted in the pursuit of providing a simple, secure, and seamless solution for sharing media. Our team of media and software professionals has grown, but we remain fiercely unbiased and independent. We have no agenda other than to provide the best user experience for sharing media and are driven by the desire to make media content creation better, simpler and more fun.

The media landscape has changed significantly over the last five years. File-based workflows and the proliferation of content creation driven by cheaper capture devices and a media-hungry audience have opened new opportunities for content creators. These opportunities also bring new challenges and responsibilities. Chiefly among them is the need to manage the never ending onslaught of files, metadata, and the ever shorter time frames for turning around a final cut.

MediaSilo doesn’t always have the right answer, but in looking back at the hundreds of conversations we’ve had over the years, I feel that we have the right process in place to learn and implement solutions that serve the collective community.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be sharing content about the trends we see in media production, file sharing and creative workflow. We invite you to join the conversation. I look forward to our ongoing dialogue and can’t wait to see where MediaSilo, our users and our followers evolve over the coming years.

Kai Pradel, CEO and Founder – MediaSilo

Kai Pradel

Kai Pradel is the Founder and CEO of MediaSilo.