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6 Things To Expect At NAB 2014

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2014 is shaping up to be a transformative year for the TV and Film industry. We are super excited to be exhibiting at NAB at this pivotal time in the media business. Here are some predictions about what we will see at this years show in Vegas:

1. Plenty of 4K over-hyping

There is one big reason why 4K will be the most over-hyped buzzword of NAB 2014. To produce and distribute 4K video you need to purchase massive amounts of new storage and infrastructure. Storage is by far the biggest market segment in the M&E technology market, and the storage heavy weights will be sparing no expense in pushing their newest 4K-ready offerings.

There is no disputing that 4K video looks amazing. However there is not enough 4K content yet because it is so expensive to produce. More importantly, there isn't much consumer demand; 4K TV sets are still prohibitively expensive for many. Plus the TV industry only recently finished investing in HD-enabling their production and distribution plants. When it comes to OTT streaming, 4K video is just too bandwidth hungry to make sense at this point. 4K is a few years away from becoming a standard, but expect it to be the buzzword of the show regardless.

2. The Cloud is here to stay

Attendees of the last few NAB's would have witnessed debate over an equally over hyped concept, "The Cloud" and its relevance to TV and FIlm production and distribution. Well the cloud is now core to the operation of most media companies, playing an essential role in produciton collaboration, nearline & archive storage and OTT distribution. The debate is over... the Cloud is here to stay. Expect to see some keynotes by Amazon Web Services and other cloud players.

3. Production equipment is getting cheaper

The past few years have seen a reversal in fortunes for production equipment manufacturers who hung on too long to their unsustainably high margins. The decline of stock prices over the last decade of once mighty names like Avid and Chyron are testament to this fact. The NAB floor is now dominated by companies once considered "prosumer" such as BlackMagic who now have one of the most impressive trade show booths. Blackmagic have helped drive equipment prices down with their aggressive pricing, putting professional production in the reach of everyone, helping to drive the production of more content than ever.

4. Gossip about mergers and acquisitions

There is a lot going on in the world of media technology M&A. After acquiring both Miranda and Grass Valley, Belden is now a media technology behemoth. Chyron's merger with Hego has breathed new life into both companies. Industry studies have been hinting at more M&A activity in the media technology industry for some time now, and it looks like their predictions are coming true. As the big boys look to expand their capabilities into the cloud, we expect to see more acquisitions of startups who have pioneered cloud-based production and distribution.

5. Vendors without mobile apps will look antiquated

Not only are viewers using their smart phones and tablets more than ever to consume content, but content producers are now seeing them as essential tools in their arsenal. Companies that have not yet built mobile applications to access their capabiities from anywhere will look like they have missed the boat.

6. More Women and more Young People

Media and Entertainment technology has long been the domain of middle aged men. As the industry matures and becomes more inclusive, we're seeing more and more women take decision-making roles in the business. As production becomes cheaper and more accessible, we're also seeing a young tech savvy generation take more important roles, particularly at newcomers to the content production scene like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu. We couldn't be happier to see these changes in the industry and in NAB attendance.


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