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5 Ways To Send Video That Make You Look Unprofessional

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VHS-DVD-OLD-1When you send video to a client for review, are you looking your most professional? Are you making it easy for your clients to review the video securely, in high resolution? Are you letting them view it in their web browser, tablet or smart phone? Or are you using clumsy and outdated methods to send video that make you look stuck in the past?

Here are some of the ways you might not be putting your best foot forward when sending video to a client for review.

1. Send a VHS

C’mon now. You know better than that. VHS is a dead format. Your grandmother might still have a VHS under her TV, but your professional video clients will probably not. VHS is good for one thing only… reliving 80’s film classics when staying in a log cabin in the woods.

2. Burn And Ship A DVD

Surprisingly, DVD is still a very popular way to send video to clients for review. Some folks cling to DVD because they worry about the reliability and security of sending files. Many see DVD as more reliable because the client can always play a DVD by putting it into a DVD player. But in this day and age, do you really want to your clients to see you as someone that clings to old formats, and old ways of doing things? Who has the time to burn DVDs and Fedex them anyway? Once you've counted up your shipping and labor costs, you might find that shipping a $99 AppleTV to your client so they can screen your video via AirPlay actually costs less, and makes you look more savvy. Sending a DVD wastes time and money. It may even make you look unprofessional and may not show your work in its best light.

3. Use an FTP Server

"What was the login again? And the password? What FTP client should I install? Will my IT guy even let me download via FTP?"... These are questions you never want your professional video clients to be asking you. You are a video production professional, not an IT help desk.

4. Send A File That Your Client Can't Open

If you send a video files without encoding a high quality streaming proxy, you really have no guarantee that your clients will be able to review the video. You definitely do not want your clients to install special viewing software and codecs just to see your video. Sending a video format that your clients can't easily view is frustrating for the client, and may cause them to miss a deadline. Plus it takes up more of your valuable time to troubleshot playback problems and send another version.

5. Send Video via YouTube

YouTube is revolutionizing entertainment as we know it, giving ordinary people a way to get their amateur video to the masses. However, it is certainly not built to host high quality video. You do not want your clients to view the video that you worked so hard on alongside cat videos and twerking parties. The quality of the video previews on YouTube is not good enough to capture your work and present it as you meant it to be seen.

A MediaSilo Quicklink is the best and most professional way to send video to a client for review. Get rid of VHS, DVDs, FTP, incorrect formats and YouTube. Quicklink's let you send a streaming video URL via email so your client can view the video on their laptop, tablet or smart phone with ease. Sign up for a free trial today, or contact sales for a demo.

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