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5 Ways Agency People Treat Process Like Paul McCartney

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Anyone who has worked at an agency knows there tends to be a ton of moving parts. Creatives talk to the producers, account managers talk to clients and everyone is working toward the same end goal -- creating phenomenal work. But given the multitude of to-dos, briefs, final proposals and creative assets  exchanging hands, there also tends to be a ton of process around the management of these workflows across departments.

For creative teams especially, managing the delivery of videos, art work, and everything in between can cause frustration if the processes in place are either behind the times, aren't communicated effectively internally, or are just plain annoying to deal with.  In many ways, agency people treat process similar to how Paul McCartney was treated at certain post-Grammy party earlier this week.


1. They pretend they don’t know what it is

Perpetually cool and ahead of the curve, process can feel like something intended to make them feel guilty for preferring wild and new ways of doing things. Saying “who” is a statement of rebellion which is also kinda badass and innovative, which is what creatives strive for.


2. They actually don’t know what it is

Cherub cheeked and fresh out of the college, young agency greenhorns can’t help that they don’t know. It’s easier to do things like their peers instead of understanding the background of why the rules were put in place to begin with.


3. They pretend to care about it but then disregard it

They seem to be super invested in it, they back it up in every debate about its worth and overall significance. They will follow updates around it and keep everyone (even those who didn’t ask) up to date on progress, but its all very surface level acknowledgement. When it comes down to action, they play a totally different tune.


4. They know it’s important but can’t be bothered anymore

They know it’s important, they will not argue about its impact in the grand scheme of things, but they just do not care about process that gets in their way. They want new, easy and uncomplicated. Unfortunately for them, what they prefer probably won't be relevant in six months.


5. They genuinely appreciate it

They are the stans. They will cut you if they find out that you’re disregarding it. They are completely flabbergasted that everyone on the planet doesn’t GET IT and understand just how important it is. Just pretend that you’re super on-board when you’re around these types or you will feel their wrath. Or better yet, have a conversation with them about why they subscribe fully to the process. You might learn a thing or two.


Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".