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5 Reasons Why A Native iOS App Is A Must Have For A Professional Video Sharing Platform

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MediaSilo iPhone App Image Provided By PlaceIt (http://placeit.net)Smart phones and tablets are now ubiquitous in the workplace due to their portability and ease of use. With 41% of US smart phone users carrying iPhone's, and 30% of tablet users owning iPads, Apple leads the connected mobile device market.

If you are a creative professional, chances are you have adopted Apple's mobile devices with gusto and see them as essential tools for running your creative workflow on the go. The software you use should provide a native iOS experience, and here is why:

1. Your Team And Clients Could Be Anywhere

We live in a connected world, which means we also live in a distributed world. You probably work from home sometimes, and need to work from various locations. You can’t limit your client base to those who can visit your office in person. You can no longer rely on your team and clients being in the same city. You need them to review video from wherever they happen to be.

2. Creative Pros Use iPhones

iPhones are by-and-large the smart phone of choice for creative professionals. Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or not, its hard not appreciate the fit and finish of an iPhone, and the beauty and responsiveness of iOS. Not to mention to broad range of professional apps available for the creative pro. The new retina displays make iPhones the ideal platform for reviewing video on the go. 

3. Executives Love iPads

Chances are, your executives use the iPad more than any other device. They run from meeting to meeting, and fly from city to city with their iPad at their side. The simplicity of the UI helps declutter their complex world. They want to be able to do as much of their job as possible on their iPad, including reviewing and approving video.

4. A Native iOS App Is So Much Nicer Than A Web-App

Some video sharing platform providers try to get away selling their web-app as an iOS app. The reality is that a web app can never take advantage of the touch and gesture experience that a native iOS app can. If you’ve tried to use a web-app on your iPhone or iPad, you already know how awkward it can be.

5. You Need To Access Video Offline

You are in Wifi or LTE range most of the time, but sometimes you, your clients and executives are out of range. Time spent out of network range was once wasted time. Native iOS apps with an offline viewing feature let you download content and review it anywhere, online or off. Now your time offline can be time well spent.

MediaSilo has built native iPhone and iPad Apps, designed with love and care specifically for your iOS device of choice. We spent a lot of effort making sure our iOS user interfaces are intuitive, making the best use of the touch and swipe gestures. We want you to look professional and we want your content to shine so we’ve spent many hours perfecting the UI, making it clean and handsome. Our goal is a user interface that requires minimal-to-no learning for clients and excutives, with only the features you need and none that you don’t.

Watch a video about our native iPhone App. You can download the iPhone App or new iPad App from the App Store:

Download the MediaSilo iOS App

MediaSilo iPhone App graphic courtesy of PlaceIt.