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5 MediaSilo Features You Might Not Know About

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At MediaSilo, we pride ourselves on helping you perfect your post-production workflow.  We’ve created a robust secure video sharing platform to bring you over the finish line of any project. But we get it. You’re busy. You need to get from point A to point B with as little distraction as possible. As a result you might not know quite everything there is to know about MediaSilo. If that sounds like you, we’ve highlighted a few features that may have flown under your radar and could ultimately prove to be extremely helpful in making your day less busy.


Check out a few things that  could prove to be a lifesaver in your constant pursuit of streamlining your process.


 5. User Tags

Large teams love user tags to manage project teams by allow administrators to tag specific users with certain attributes. For example, an administrator may label all users working on a particular show with a user tag (i.e. "Daily Show Crew") and add them to projects as needed in one step. Additional tags can be used to label freelancers who may need to be removed from the account on a future date. User tags are also useful for an internal alternative to distribution lists.


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