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2015 Year In Review: Highlights, New Hires, and More

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yearinreview.jpg2015 was major and not just because Adele dropped her latest album.  As a company, MediaSilo made bold moves that pushed us to the next level in secure sharing and collaboration. As we continue to evolve, we also want to  reflect on the key moments that we feel are worth recognition in 2015. 

Below is a look back on our favorite moments, client achievements, blog posts, and releases of the year.

Best Blog Posts of the Year

Best MediaSilo Moments

  • Growing the MediaSilo family year over year and continuing to build the best engineering squad this side of the Charles River 
  • Launching a gorgeous new website so people can finally get a sense of how epic we are
  • Our CEO, Kai Pradel, shutting it down at the Content Protection Summit. His statements about the future of watermarking and how to actually protect your pre-released content landed him a feature in Variety

Favorite Client achievements

  • Longtime faves, Vice, announcing the launch of an official TV network
  • 30% of our Customers have Emmy Winning Shows
  • Clients, “The Revenant”,“Beasts of No Nation”, “99 Homes" were nominated for Golden Globes

Best Releases of the Year

  • Webhooks, a tool that helps MediaSilo connect to "almost anything", was released--productivity gods rejoiced
  • Smaller, but still pretty friggin' cool, was the login page re-skin. Now customers can brand their login pages to their hearts content
  • HD/SD Playback. With this we can detect how good your bandwidth is and allow you to change your settings to improve the smoothness of your video playback. (sidenote: the quality between SD and HD is virtually undetectable) 
  • Safestream. A straight up revolutionary way to completely secure your pre-released content. When we say it's a game changer we mean it




Shannon Hawkins

I'm a content marketing/strategist at MediaSilo. I'm also the first person on record to ever feel "whelmed".