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Kai Pradel Talks Digital Asset Management for Creatives

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Good Digital Asset Management Tackles the Everyday Problems First

MediaSilo CEO Kai Pradel recently sat down for an interview with the Digital Asset Management Coalition to talk about MediaSilo's free ebook How to Implement DAM for Creative Professionals

Kai discusses MediaSilo's approach to digital asset management, and his experience with creatives and content producers who first use MediaSilo for video sharing, and then introduce the platform to the CTOs and CIOs whose job it is to ensure reliable access to library content. Here is a preview of their conversation: 

Your company is all about producing, storing and presenting video in an easy manner. How many people know this is something they needed help with, and how many realized that only after you started working with them?

Our conversation with a prospect rarely starts by asking “What are you doing about asset management?” All content producers have pain points that slow them down or cut productivity in the organization. These are often problems on the production side, such as sharing content for review or distributing high-res footage over the web. A good DAM platform tackles the everyday problems first, in order to reduce friction around deadlines and deliverables. The bigger picture usually forms once the DAM and its workflow tools become second nature, and the value becomes apparent in having a media repository that is universally searchable and always accessible. Forward-thinking CTOs and CIOs are well aware of the need to manage media, but most content producers only see the value once they have access to their libraries and other content.


To read the full interview at DAM Coalition, click here.

EBook Download: How To Implement DAM For Creative Professionals

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