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MediaSilo at NAB 2016: The Highlights

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Pssst...This App is Going to Change Your Life: MediaSilo GO

MediaSilo introduces MediaSilo GO-- your best companion for viewing QuickLinks and improving your workflow. Never lose track of video content or get bogged down with incoming emails from colleagues. With MediaSilo GO, everything you need to track, review, and collaborate with your team lives in a single app. Download today for iPhone and iPad.Untitled-1_2-173588-edited.png


See some highlights below:

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Join us at NAB 2016!


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6 (New) Life Saving Tips for NAB Newbies


Last year we posted 10 life saving tips for NAB newbies. We still think those are the top 10 essentials but wanted to add a few more to the mix that the average NAB goer may find useful! Check out our latest additions below.

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Feature Alert: MediaSilo Advanced Search

MediaSilo recently launched advanced search to aid content teams in finding their videos, images and documents with ease.

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Trust No One: Cracking the X-Files of Content Security

As content producers, we want to believe in the innate goodness of people, from our trusted inner production circle to dispersed freelancers, all the way down to our viewers and subscribers. But experience should teach us to trust no one. Pre- and post-production leaks can jeopardize revenue, buzz and careers, yet most media and entertainment companies are failing to enforce clear policies around security. Luckily, the truth is out and protocols exist that present an ideal compromise between security, ease of use and cost, fitting into existing workflows and appeasing both Mulders (production teams) and Scullys (IT).

Take a look at what Kai Pradel, CEO of MediaSilo had to say on this topic at the recent vNAB conference:


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MediaSilo in Popular Mechanics

MediaSilo has been at the forefront of innovating tools for secure video sharing and collaboration for 8+ years.  One of the biggest undertakings of 2016 for us has been finding a solution for eliminating leaks and piracy in the video content industry (from media and entertainment to e-learning).

So when Popular Mechanics decided to look deeper into our SafeStream technology we were excited to showcase how on-demand watermarketing isn't a vision but a reality for large media companies looking to secure their content.

Check out their article and if you're keen request a demo of Safestream today!


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6 Helpful Remedies for Your "Buffer Rage"

Recently, Digital Trends reported that “51 percent of consumers who watch online or streaming video have been frustrated to the point of rage as a result of buffering.” I managed to make it through a whole season of Jessica Jones in one day, so it's not surprising to me that the slightest hiccup in streaming can make a typical viewer’s blood run hot.

However, as a person who works to deliver secure streaming video, I don’t have quite as much sympathy for the buffer sufferers as the average binge watcher or corporate user. In my experience on the support side, issues with the viewing experience are heavily influenced by what is occurring on the viewer-side -- not the OTT provider. Buffering, specifically, is directly related to a specific watching environment that in many cases is adjustable and within the viewer's controls.

Below are some ways viewers can concoct home or office remedies for buffering issues that don’t require teams of engineers to develop product around a problem that has several self-prescriptive solutions as the first line of defense.

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The Answer to the Industry's Most Vexing Problems


Join us on 4/7 for a meeting of the minds. Streaming Media's latest roundtable will feature Kai Pradel, our fearless leader, as he discusses the increasing importance of security and the technology available to tackle leaks head on. Get a preview of what's new and different at NAB!

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Managing Storage Made Easy


Most asset managements and collaboration tools, including our own, price around capacity in some fashion. Due to this, the term 'storage management' will certainly enter the lexicon of the users that work with such software. Whether you're looking to control costs or simply keep your video databases more organized, the ease of storage management is an important factor during a platform evaluation phase.

Our philosophy at MediaSilo is to reduce friction wherever possible while maintaining the security of your videos. We want to make controlling storage as hassle free as possible and for that we've come up with some key tips for managing your storage in MediaSilo.

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