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MediaSilo Congratulates Emmy Winners


At MediaSilo we take pride in partnering with the best the entertainment industry has to offer. At this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, dozens of statues were awarded to productions and networks that are loyal MediaSilo customers. We're happy to offer our congratulations as they're recoginzed for the amazing work they do.

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How to Capture the Action on the Red Carpet


In 2013, 87 different award shows aired live on network television from The Academy Awards to The Bronco Nagurski Awards Banquet. That’s 87 different instances where a production crew was tasked with capturing, editing, tagging, approving, and publishing video footage from the event as quickly and efficiently as possible. In 2014, there will be 96.

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HBO's Hard Knocks Profiles MediaSilo Customer The Atlanta Falcons


The countdown is on: football season is almost upon us. NFL teams are ironing out the kinks and finalizing their rosters as the preseason wears on and the regular season fast approaches.

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5 Reasons to Not Use Vimeo Pro for Review and Approval

Why you shouldn't use Vimeo Pro

There are many tasks in life that can be completed with a variety of tools. With enough time and effort, you can break out of jail with a spoon, but a jackhammer will get the job done with a lot less effort.

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Product Update: MediaSilo iOS App

MediaSilo iPad App

In the time since we published our mobile app for iOS, we’ve made several important updates:

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How to Secure Your Media Without Alienating Your Users


Content security is something anyone in production needs to care about. If you don’t think so, just ask Lionsgate about maintaining the integrity of their data pre-release. Nationwide in 2013 alone, 822 million records were exposed by data breaches according to research from Risk Based Security.

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Vimeo Copyright Match, and Choosing The Right Tool for the Job



On May 21st, Vimeo announced on its blog that it will run all uploaded content through a new copyright scanning system which--like YouTube's--will flag any file that contains copyrighted audio. This shocked and dismayed a large portion of its user community, but however disruptive this announcement may have been to many, no one should have been surprised.

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Coming Soon: QuickLink Updates


We're excited to announce a major update to QuickLinks, arriving this month for all MediaSIlo users. This new iteration of MediaSIlo's most popular tool brings many improvements to make it easier for you to share and collaborate. FIrst of all, a new tool bar and an all-new design means your work looks great in QuickLinks.

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Thanks for a Great NAB!


Thanks to Everybody who Visited Us at NAB 2014

You helped make the show a great success! It was great to spend time with so many of our customers, whether you scheduled a demo or came by to say hello at one of our cocktail hours. We always love to hear how you're using MediaSilo and show you what we've got in the pipeline.

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Sneak Peek: Edit Companion for Adobe Premiere Pro


Our team is excited to share a preview of one of our upcoming features: Edit Companion for Adobe Premiere Pro. With the Edit Companion extension, you'll be able to browse and download the assets in your MediaSilo account from directly within Premiere Pro. It's about to get a whole lot easier to work with your team. 

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