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Customer Testimonial: NorthSouth Productions Builds Rapidly Shareable Digital Library with MediaSilo


NorthSouth Productions is one of America’s largest independent television producers. Its credits span a range of factual programming for clients including HISTORY, TLC, Discovery, TruTV, A&E, Food Network, Sundance, Speed and Travel Channel. Some of their most popular shows include Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Impractical Jokers. A part of the Hearst Corporation since 2012, they have over 160 full-time and contracted employees between their offices in LA, New York, Knoxville, TN, Miami and Atlanta.

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5 Rules to Follow When Every Company is a Media Company


In 2005, Dan Scheinman simultaneously held two positions at Cisco—Head of Mergers and Acquisitions and Director of Corporate Communications. Scheinman commissioned a team of former journalists to curate a consistent stream of editorial content. Their mission: wield the power of Cisco’s brand and industry clout to guide the direction of entrepreneurs developing technologies Cisco needed to support it’s burgeoning growth.

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How Video Marketing Works [Infographic]


After publishing our post on mistakes to avoid in video marketing earlier this week, we want to continue the discussion with an infographic created by SoMedia Networks breaking down how and why video marketing is so effective: 

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How Not to Use Video to Support Your Sales Process


In today’s day and age, video is the common currency of digital communication. Technology has made it so inexpensive and easy to produce that every company is now a media company. There’s no excuse not to have video readily available promoting your product or service, but is video becoming more ubiquitous a blessing or a curse?

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Customer Testimonial: Unanimous Creative Transforms Review and Approval Process Using MediaSilo

Unanimous Creative uses MediaSilo to increase efficiency in their workflows

Unanimous Creative is a post production services company based in Minneapolis, MN, specializing in editing, animation, and design. Sean Corcoran, Principal at Unanimous, has been using MediaSilo since 2010. As a free-lance video editor, he’s moved between several projects in that time, and he’s brought MediaSilo with him every step along the way.

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Why You Should Budget for Video Sharing

square-wheelsIt’s impossible to create media in a vacuum. Unless everyone on your team is on the same floor of the same building, you’re going to be forced to spend on file-sharing and collaboration. Whether it's time or money, you’re investing resources you could be allocating elsewhere. Yet not everyone allocates the necessary budget to for a video-sharing tool set to optimize efficiency and productivity.

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Sending Rough Cuts Just Got Easier

At MediaSilo we're committed to putting creatives first: our mission is to build tools to increase productivity and reduce friction in creative workflows. That's why we're excited to announce the release of QuickLinks for Mac OSX (10.8+).

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Using Video in eLearning


Steve Maviano is the Digital Media Manager at Envision Group Consulting, a MediaSilo customer. He's been a video editor for over ten years and has edited numerous national and local commercial spots, corporate sales and training videos, documentaries, entertainment news stories, and music videos. He has experience across the entire media production spectrum, including writing, shooting, and full lifecycle production. His post originally ran on the Envision Group Consulting blog.

With the cost of video cameras and editing software coming down in price, it’s easier than ever to include video in your eLearning projects. Below is some useful information to read if you are thinking about taking your eLearning to the next level.

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Amazon Studio's Transparent is a New Triumph for Creative Freedom


Transparent, the latest release from Amazon Studios, is quickly becoming one of the most critically-acclaimed productions of the year and proving that when given the right amount of freedom, creative professionals can and will do their best work. In today’s day and age where the ways in which video content is produced and distributed have skyrocketed, creative freedom is winning out. Netflix set a precedent with House of Cards and Orange is the New Black; Amazon Studios is running with their strategy and reaping the rewards in kind. 

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Bash Security Risk Update

In light of the recent Unix/Linux Bash security breach, we have taken the necessary precautions to patch our systems and ensure our data security. Even though our systems were not originally vulnerable, we’ve applied the latest patches from our operating system vendors to mitigate the risk. Our data and the content of our users is not in jeopardy. We began to respond to the security risk this morning and have continued to follow-up throughout the day.

To familiarize yourself with the Bash security risk in greater detail, check out this helpful summary.

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