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Preparing for 4K on the Small Screen


On December 8th, Vimeo On Demand Sellers and Vimeo PRO members could allow users to download 4K videos. Just one day later Amazon updated its streaming video app allowing 4K streaming for both Prime members and non-Prime users with certain 2014 4K UHD TVs. Two months earlier, Apple announced its newest iMac with 5K retina display. 4K is back in the news and 2014 ended with a bang for the Ultra-HD video service.

So what does this mean for viewers, videographers, and editors? And what exactly is 4K?

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Product Update: Upload from Your Mobile Device


The latest update to MediaSilo’s iOS apps allows you to upload files directly from your mobile device. You can now leverage the power of our accelerated uploader to store your files in the cloud for ready accessibility. MediaSilo’s broad range of file support allows you to store, annotate, and share everything from key art to proofs to location photos, whether you are on set or in the office.

Download it from the App Store today, for iPad or iPhone.

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Cloud vs. Local: The Saga Continues


The debate goes on and on: Where should I store my files, photos, and videos? Do I use the cloud or stay local? Which is safer? Which is cheaper? Which is BETTER? Take a deep breath. Both locations have strengths and weaknesses. I’ll go over everything you need to know about each and let you decide which you’d prefer.

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Are Facebook and Twitter Better for Video Sharing than YouTube?


For 9 years YouTube has dominated the world of online video sharing. Everything from music videos, to TV and film scenes, interviews, sports highlights, and news reports have been uploaded straight to YouTube and viewed by millions. More importantly though, every home video, random iPhone clip, passion project, and funny accident filmed by anybody with a camera and the desire to share can be uploaded to YouTube and available to everyone. It was only a matter of time until somebody gave YouTube a run for its money. Facebook and Twitter have joined the fight for stake in the video sharing market, and YouTube’s fate is now in question.

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Collaboration in the Digital Production Workflow - Kai Pradel on the Digital Production BuZZ with Larry Jordan

digital_production_buzz w Larry Jordan

The Digital Production BuZZ podcast with Larry Jordan covers filmmaking, video production, post-production, and distribution world-wide from the people creating the gear, to the people using it to create cutting-edge film and video projects. MediaSilo CEO and Founder Kai Pradel appeared on The Buzz last week to discuss the post-production technology landscape and where MediaSilo fits in.

Either listen to the audio or read the transcript of Kai's interview below.

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Why Production Value is Worth Paying For


From law firms to film studios, in an age where "every company is a media company," utilizing the ability to create, share, and promote video content online to attract potential partners and/or customers is essential. Video content is the most effective way to tell your company’s story. These figures from Digital Sherpa show just how important videos are for a business today:

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Online Video Sharing: 8 Rules To Follow


Online video sharing can be a more complicated task than people often think. How do you know your video content will be safe? How do you know your video content won’t buffer? Will it open the exact same way you sent it? Here are 8 rules to follow to share your videos efficiently and effectively.

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Sundance Film Fest '15 Features 130% More Films Edited with Adobe Premiere

sundance film fest

Over the past two years, Adobe has enjoyed a steady incline in its share of the video editing software market culminating in their ultimate moment in the sun when Gone Girl announced its team would use Adobe CC for their post-production needs. With The Sundance Film Festival fast approaching, Adobe is achieving yet another milestone as an increasing number of highly anticipated films set to be featured in this year's festival were edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Amazon Studios' Transparent Makes History at 72nd Golden Globes


2015 marked a revolutionary year for the entertainment industry at the 72nd annual Golden Globes. The event started off in the same relative fashion as years before, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler cracking controversial jokes about Bill Cosby’s allegations, admiring George Clooney’s young brilliant wife Amal Alamuddin, and arguing over which actors they would rather sleep with in a game of “Who would you rather? (In which Fey chose Colin Firth over Colin Farrell.)" However, once the results were in and the names of the winners unraveled, a new trend was discovered.

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Why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Further Proves the Future of Creativity is Online


We now live in a world where filmmakers turn down offers from distribution companies and TV networks. Netflix, Amazon, and Vimeo are becoming the epicenter of video content. Filmmakers are opting to post their work online as opposed to trying to catch the bigger fish, i.e. distribution deals from Hollywood and/or major TV networks. But why would they choose the Web? Why should you?

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