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5 MediaSilo Integrations You Need To Try

In case you missed our announcement, MediaSilo now offers integrations. Working with content creators, we've known for awhile just how hectic productions can be and how many tools are used to keep everything on track. With Webhooks and Zapier now tied into our tool, connecting to 400 apps has never been easier.

With the nearly limitless possibilities integrations has created, sometimes thinking about the right one for your team is hard--- leaving you with an integrations setup that’s more redundant than helpful.

Below are examples of MediaSilo integrations you should take for a test drive if you’re looking to simplify and connect your media seamlessly. 

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MediaSilo + Slack now Available!

We're no stranger to Slack here at MediaSilo (we use it in our offices religiously) so when talks of supporting integrations arose it was a natural conclusion that Slack would be one of the many apps we'd want to integrate with in some fashion. 

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MediaSilo at IBC 2015

MediaSilo will be making it's debut at the 2015 IBC show! We will be presenting and performing demonstrations alonside industry-leading media technology companies and cloud service providers.

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The Video Music Awards: Red Carpet Workflow

On Sunday, MTV hosted their biggest annual award show, The VMAs. In it's 32nd year, the VMAs continued to standout against their more conservative award show peers-- delivering on edgier performances and more cutting edge use of data.

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Congratulations to Our Customers on Their Emmy Nominations!


MediaSilo customers came out huge in this year's Emmy nominations. From Drama to Comedy to Reality TV, our customers represented 144 nominees across 30 companies and were well represented in most major categories.

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Staying Alive: The Pros and Cons of Television Reboots



Hollywood Reported recently wrote about   22 TV Shows Brought Back From the Dead. These shows range from current faves that went flat (Mindy Project) to cult classics (X-files). Netflix, Hulu and even cable networks like TBS have gotten in on the growing market of discarded shows hoping to cash in on broadcast television’s "finite inventory" problem. In theory it seems like a great a idea. What is there to lose in bringing back shows that have built in followings? Add the fact that millennials crave the simpler times of their youths, there’s really no apparent issue in giving them what they seemingly want. Right?

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The Dealings of Cannes 2015


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DaVinci Resolve 12 is Becoming a Contender for NLEs


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We’ve all been there. You’ve made your fine cuts, mixed your audio, and now comes the fun part -- color and choosing exactly which look you are trying to achieve. That's why a colorist  providing you with multiple choices is such a critical and liberating part of the creative process. Until you’ve seen a colorist work their magic using DaVinci Resolve, you cannot grasp how powerful the tool truly is.

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4 Reasons the NewFronts are a Game Changer


If you’re not familiar with the term “Newfronts” you’re not alone. Many people are still in the dark about what they are and their overall importance to an evolving media landscape. To put it simply, the Newfronts (which just wrapped up in New York) are for digital content what the Upfronts are for traditional television programming. Upfronts, if you’ve forgotten, is a presentation period for major networks to showcase new work to advertisers in order to secure ad dollars. It’s a pretty elaborate dog and pony show filled with alcohol, parties, and celebrities desperate to have their single cam comedy picked up. The Newfronts is that but for the newest Vimeo show or the latest women oriented programs by sites like Refinery29. Digiday provide a great recap of common questions about the New Fronts.

So why are they a game changer? Check out our reasons below.

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Is 3D NAND Flash The Future or a Temporary Fix?


With the recent announcements by Toshiba, Intel and Micron Technology that 48-layer and 32-layer 3D NAND flash storage drives are set to be available within the next year, the question now becomes “How long will Flash dominate the storage market?” This winter, MediaSilo wrote about the current state of drives, and we found 3D NAND’s nearing availability to be so exciting that we wanted to follow up with where things stand for SSDs.

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