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EditCompanion for Adobe Premiere

With the EditCompanion extension for Adobe Premiere, you can browse and download the assets in your MediaSilo account from directly within Premiere Pro. EditCompanion connects Adobe Premiere to the cloud by letting users import files and share rough cuts--all  without leaving Premiere. EditCompanion is an Adobe Extension that easily installs on your Windows or Mac edit station.

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Customer Testimonial: Scott Howell & Company Use MediaSilo to Streamline their Production Process

Scott Howell and Company

Scott Howell & Company is one of the most revered and sought after political advertising firms in the country. Specializing in television and radio ads for Republican candidates and issue advocacy campaigns, Scott Howell & Company have produced ads that have aired in nearly every state in the country. Their commitment to quality and creative strategies have produced results everywhere from the local to the presidential level. Garnering accolades from national outlets like The National Journal and The Washington Post, they've earned a reputation as one of the hottest political consulting firms in the country.

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MediaSilo 2014 Fall Update

At MediaSilo we're continually innovating to deliver better solutions for creative pros which is why we're excited to announce our 2014 Fall Update. We've made a series of improvements to our platform all in an effort to increase efficiency and reduce friction for large teams using MediaSilo. Watch the video embedded above for a detailed walkthrough of the project management updates. Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

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Vimeo Releases High Maintenance and Joins the Fight to Disrupt the Traditional Media Consumption Model


Vimeo reached a new milestone as a platform for publishing video content yesterday as they released their first original programming: three new episodes of High Maintenance, a brilliant web series profiling a handful of characters in Brooklyn, NY. Vimeo has long been serving as a platform for independent artists to showcase their finished work, but today marks the start of a new era for the company, accelerating a trend started by Netflix and Amazon that’s disrupting the television industry by increasing funded options creators have to find audiences for their work.

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Why Everyone Should Learn How to Edit Video


“Multimedia has become an important 21st-century vernacular that must be understood and embraced. In the media landscape of today’s world, multimedia as a primary means of communication is simply a reality.” Those are the sentiments expressed by George Lucas in 2006 in connection to the $175 million donation his foundation made to USC Film School. His philanthropy was due in part to USC allowing him to discover his passion for film as well as to endow the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy which seeks to expand the definition of literacy to include a mastery of moving image and sound as well as text.

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Russell Brothers Productions Partners with Poykpac to Release Movie Title Breakup

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Poykpac did exactly that with the help of MediaSilo customer Russell Brothers Productions to create Movie Title Breakup, a video that's gotten over 1 million views on YouTube since it was posted in February. Our mission at MediaSilo is to empower creatives to do their best work. We couldn't be more proud to help companies like Russell Brothers devote more of their time to producing compelling video.

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OK Go Raises the Bar Again with I Won't Let You Down


OK Go posted their latest video I Won’t Let You Down on YouTube yesterday. At the time of this posting, it has over 3 million views. Expect that number to steadily climb as more and more people share the video on social media, email it to their friends, and spread the word about OK Go, who've mastered the art of creating buzz around their video content since their first video went viral in 2009.

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Customer Testimonial: NorthSouth Productions Builds Rapidly Shareable Digital Library with MediaSilo


NorthSouth Productions is one of America’s largest independent television producers. Its credits span a range of factual programming for clients including HISTORY, TLC, Discovery, TruTV, A&E, Food Network, Sundance, Speed and Travel Channel. Some of their most popular shows include Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta and Impractical Jokers. A part of the Hearst Corporation since 2012, they have over 160 full-time and contracted employees between their offices in LA, New York, Knoxville, TN, Miami and Atlanta.

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5 Rules to Follow When Every Company is a Media Company


In 2005, Dan Scheinman simultaneously held two positions at Cisco—Head of Mergers and Acquisitions and Director of Corporate Communications. Scheinman commissioned a team of former journalists to curate a consistent stream of editorial content. Their mission: wield the power of Cisco’s brand and industry clout to guide the direction of entrepreneurs developing technologies Cisco needed to support it’s burgeoning growth.

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How Video Marketing Works [Infographic]


After publishing our post on mistakes to avoid in video marketing earlier this week, we want to continue the discussion with an infographic created by SoMedia Networks breaking down how and why video marketing is so effective: 

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