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5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Assistant Editor


So, you’re passionate about film, got your degree in something completely unrelated to your interests, and are starting to itch about student loans... now what? If you’re lucky, you will land some great first gigs as a Second Assistant Editor or even an Assistant Editor. These early stages in your new, unexpected editing career are formative and important to setting the stage for your future career in post production.


We wanted to offer these 5 tips as you prepare to work in post production.

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What The Press Thinks of Your Press Screener Site


So you've sent out press screeners to adoring reviewers at some of the most reputable publications you can think of--I'm talking Rolling Stone, Indie Wire, Mashable, etc. And now you're just waiting for the great articles to roll in and the buzz for your series to grow. 

 One problem with this scenario -- the reviewers are stewing. Not because your show isn't great but because the show lives on a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad press screener site. They can't login, the video doesn't play, or some other administrative headache makes their job to watch your show unpleasant.  Despite your best efforts to deliver awesome content, the package in which you deliver it can impact the goodwill you have with the media reviewing it. 

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Finally...A Complete, Flexible, On-Demand Watermarking Solution



When we launched our SafeStream on-demand watermarking service at the beginning of 2016, the response was immediate: Wow, how did you do it? Companies including BBC, ITV and Hulu use the real-time visual watermarking technology to protect pre-release content everywhere from rough cut review to the sales process to screening rooms. Applying personalized digital watermarks directly into the videostream within seconds, SafeStream is faster, cheaper and easier to use than traditional watermarking techniques. The one piece of feedback we kept getting over and over?  "If you had a forensic option in addition to visual watermarking, this would be a category killer."  

Given how long it took to develop real-time visual watermarking, we knew finding a way to apply the same on-demand technique to forensic watermarking would be no easy task. Luckily, we were able to find a company that had already created some mindblowing technology in this area. We're excited to announce that we have integrated ContentArmor's forensic watermarking solution into SafeStream, providing a real alternative for companies who are looking to jettison DVD screeners and other time and resource-intensive methods in favor of inserting watermarks only when a viewer presses play.

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What Sharing Tool Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!


As cloud based technology explodes, the options consumers have to both store and share media is growing fast. For media and content creators, the production process hasn’t slowed down one bit either, making video-based sharing tools in high demand. With that said, not all options are relevant for all content producers. As you think about your production process you may find yourself looking for a sharing solution that will allow you to move your project along and get it to the finish line for viewers to see. However, it’s important to discern what tool is most appropriate for your needs.

Take the quiz to determine which tool actually makes sense for you and the scope of your production.

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Why Your Content Deserves a Secure Press Screener

For pre-release content, a secure press screener could mean the difference between a leak (and potentially millions in lost revenue) and a successful review season that goes off without a hitch.  If you work in media, you've likely heard one story or another about a highly anticipated tv show or movie leaking due to a press screener. You may have even had a night sweat or two about such a leak happening on your watch. Despite the concern, creators continue to send sensitive content through insecure channels like password protected vimeo links or forensically watermarked DVD screeners. Neither of which deter unsolicited viewers from sharing the content to the millions searching for it online.

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TechHops NY 2016


MediaSilo, in conjunction with AMC Networks, officially launched TechHops, an event exclusively for tech operations execs working in media and entertainment. On June 22th, in a bustling Manhattan bar, SVPs, Managers and Directors of Operations from companies like Showtime, A&E, and HBO came together to commiserate and learn a thing or two from their peers.

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Webinar: Piracy Off-Switch?


Piracy Off-Switch Webinar:

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What is On-Demand Watermarking?


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MediaSilo at NAB 2016: The Highlights

Slack_for_iOS_Upload_6.jpg  Slack_for_iOS_Upload_5.jpg

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Pssst...This App is Going to Change Your Life: MediaSilo GO

MediaSilo introduces MediaSilo GO-- your best companion for viewing QuickLinks and improving your workflow. Never lose track of video content or get bogged down with incoming emails from colleagues. With MediaSilo GO, everything you need to track, review, and collaborate with your team lives in a single app. Download today for iPhone and iPad.Untitled-1_2-173588-edited.png


See some highlights below:

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